Winners for Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

Check out if you are one of the chosen winners below. Those who took part will also receive something too!! 🙂

[Giveaway] Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

Delicious Green Tea that can help reduce high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol by including Buckwheat. Participate in the giveaway below. Ends 31 Jan 2016, 12noon.

A Kinder Christmas Dinner

Hello everyone! 🙂 Its been a while since the last post and with Christmas and New Year around the corner, I promise you a whole set of upcoming posts. Stay tuned to upcoming posts on vegan pasta, safe and green spring/house cleaning products, natural anti-itch and scar removing cream, cashback shopping, and many more! Yes, thereContinue reading “A Kinder Christmas Dinner”

[Vines and Roots] The Victorian Garden’s Basil and Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent Lotion

Baby friendly mosquito repellent lotion? Check it out @VinesAndRoots #SafeRepellent

The Soup Spoon Vegan Rice with Ratatouille Casserole – Latest Spain Offering

Its not just vegan, but also gluten free! Check out the latest offering from The Soup Spoon that’s a mere 185Cal:

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s date at a restaurant without burning a hole in your wallet?

Need a last minute reservation for Valentine without burning a hole in your pocket?

[SuFood] Veg-licious Christmas and New Year Menu

Looking for a vegetarian Italian inspired meal with vegan wine this Christmas and New Year? Look no further! SUFOOD offers an healthier yet delectable alternative eight-course set meal with Italian Wine or free-flow fresh juice for only $49.50++. As you can see above, SUFOOD has a vegan option menu for those who are lactose intolerant or have simplyContinue reading “[SuFood] Veg-licious Christmas and New Year Menu”

2014: Vegan Christmas Drinks at Starbucks Singapore

A healthier drinking option @ Starbucks for Christmas. Reply from Starbucks: I have check our Christmas promotional drinks – you can order these 2 drinks (customise it to be vegan friendly) Toffee nut latte – you can order it with soy milk and no espresso caramel whipped cream Peppermint mocha – you can order itContinue reading “2014: Vegan Christmas Drinks at Starbucks Singapore”