Where do Vegans get their protein from?!

Where do Vegans get their protein from?!

As all of us vegans can attest to: one of the top questions you will (yes, “will” not “might”!) hear is along the lines of “Wait, so where do you get your protein from?!”

Now, you have to give it to them, the meat industry has spent billions on advertisement, and have succeeded, at promoting flesh foods to be protein-filled health and power houses. But it seems as though each and every person is shocked, if not in disbelief, when you tell them you are getting the same exact amounts of protein as them… just without the harm.

So the go-to belief when someone would be asked to compile a list of protein-filled foods would more than likely consist of the following:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Red Meat
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Fish: Salmon, Cod, Shellfish etc.

HOWEVER, a vegan would give you this list, and no, they aren’t lying to you!

  • Nuts: Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews etc.
  • Soy Products i.e. Soy Milk
  • Beans: Navy Beans, Black Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Fava Beans, Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Leafy Green Vegetables: Kale, Spinach, Peas, Green Beans, Lettuce, Broccoli
  • Grains: Quinoa, Buckwheat, Wheat etc.
  • Tofu

The catch about following a vegan diet, however, is the responsibility that comes with it! Clearly, you will not be getting the correct nutrient levels if you aren’t basing your diet on wholesome, plant based foods. By this I mean, if you are only eating “junk food” such as fries, chips, sweets etc. (yes, this can technically be a vegan diet) then you clearly will have insufficient protein levels, not to mention other nutrients as well!

The reason this rumor about not consuming enough protein stems is because many flesh foods do in fact have more amounts of protein, but what people don’t understand is that you don’t eat meats 24/7, whereas on a vegan diet you are constantly consuming at least one of the things on the above list, thus causing protein levels to even out!

If the above list should teach you one thing, it’s that there are so so many misconceptions about veganism that keep being spread about. Everyone I have come across, for example, has told me “Why are you doing it, isn’t it really unhealthy?” NO it’s the exact opposite. Eating nothing but plants and whole foods to fuel your insides cannot have a single detrimental effect as eating dead, rotting flesh can.

These inconsistent rumors about veganism can only be dwindled through articles such as this one, as well as through word of mouth. Each time I correct my friends’ misconceptions I know that they will alter their ideas on a cruelty-free diet accordingly!

Don’t forget how powerful word of mouth really is! Let’s make the Vegan community in Singapore as big as possible. Slowly but surely, with the proper education we can stop the ignorance and misconceptions associated with veganism such as the “protein myth”.

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[Pure Tincture] PAI Skin Confidence Facials – Premier Organic range set for Sensitive skin types, with therapeutic Acupressure techniques

People with sensitive skin; look no further!

Pure Tincture is the only facial studio in Singapore to offer PAI facials.

It is a great facial treatment that utilises clean and gentle organic products for a high performance facial, without the risk of irritation.

Now, even the sensitive ones can enjoy a good facial without any fear of breaking out! 🙂


Just a brief background on PAI:

“In devising its bespoke sensitive skin facials, PAI has enlisted the skills of celebrated New York facialist, Sia Parlog. Sia’s impressive CV

carries glowing references from the likes of Halle Berry and Allure Magazine. She has dedicated her life to the science of skincare and her particular expertise lies in facial acupoint massage. 

The facials will showcase Pai’s hero retail products alongside exclusive high performance professional developments, including the breakthrough BioAffinity Toners, deeply detoxifying Himanthalia & Sea Fennel Decongesting Face Mask and instantly uplifting Echium & Perilla BioRejuvenate Oil.”

I was extended a media invite to try out PAI’s facial at Pure Tincture. There are 2 facial types available for different skin types.

  1. Detox & Decongest for Oily, Combination skin prone to sensitivity;
  2. Restore & Rejuvenate for Dry, Mature skin prone to sensitivity

As my skin is prone to dryness (thankfully no acne!), I was recommended and tried out the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI Facial.

Here’s more information on the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI Facial (80mins):

Packed full of the essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9) required for skin suppleness and regeneration, this facial revitalises lacklustre skin to reveal a firm and youthful complexion. 

Innovative massage techniques target key muscles acupoints, particularly around the cheekbones and the jaw line for an enhanced lifting effect.

Core ingredients include:

  • Hydrating and calming Lotus water keeps sensitive skin soothed throughout.
  • Echium, the rejuvenating “wonder ingredient” that intensively conditions the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines.
  • Perilla oil delivers a highly concentrated source of Alpha-Linolenic Acid which enhances skin elasticity. This oil is also highly effective at eliminating facial redness.
  • Creamy Cupuacu butter promotes deep and long lasting conditioning and hydration.

My thoughts about the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI facial?

My inner double eyelids became double eyelids after the facial, which makes my eyes look wider. Dark eye circles were less dark.

Also, I can feel that my cheeks are lifted. I saw too, that I had a pinkish flush at my cheeks, as if I used a blusher. People who met me that day thought I look 10 years younger!

I guess it is because of the therapeutic acupressure techniques used. I felt completely relaxed during the facial session. As I tend to have chubby cheeks, I was pleasantly surprised that during the facial, the therapist focused on my cheeks and jawline without me having to tell her, which is perfect.

And for those who tend to have oily, combination skin that is sensitive, the Detox & Decongest PAI facial (80mins) is for you!

Expertly sourced natural-active ingredients gently purify and rebalance combination and congested skin, resulting in a clear and healthy complexion.

Core ingredients include:

  • Mineral-rich Himanthalia Sea Algae with its strong sebum-balancing complex.
  • Hypoallergenic Ghassoul clay draws out impurities and blackheads while depositing essential nutrients.
  • Rice water vitamins and amino acids rebalance moisture levels and enhance skin tone.
  • Sea Fennel and Rosehip calm and protect sensitive skin throughout.

So what is so special about the acupressure techniques used in the PAI facials?

All Pai Facials will incorporate therapeutic Acupressure techniques. The stimulation of key facial acupoints relieves stress, increases blood flow, and flushes toxins from the skin. Specialist eye massage and a rigorous facial massage leave skin firmer, brighter and together achieve a ‘bright- eyed, wide awake’ look. 

Here’s the current promotion available for Pure Tincture facials:

To celebrate our recognition in SimplyHer Smart Shoppers Award 2014, we are giving away FREE GIFTS.

Choice of:
(1) Pai Skin Brightening Exfoliator 30ml ($50) or
(2) sukispa Moisturizer and Toner 7.5ml in white organic cotton pouch ($45)

with any facial* booked in April 2014. 

* Facial can be paid in April and complete later by June 2014.

Exclusively for SGVegan readers!

30% off PAI Face Confidence Facial @ $112 (usual $160)

* Must be 1st timers with Pure Tincture
* Valid till 6 July 2014

** Note that SGVegan readers can only opt for either OPTION 1 or 2.

Email in to Pure Tincture Customer Service at cs@puretincture.com to schedule your appointment. Or you can give them a ring at 6337 6411. Make sure to quote “SGVegan” to be entitled to 30% off your PAI facial.

Pure Tincture is located at:
1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #B1-10
Singapore 179803
(Go down the steps, left of the bridal store.)

[Sole Superior] A Sneaker/Streetwear Convention for Sneaker lovers by Sneaker Lovers featuring Macbeth

My first trip to Zouk! However I was there not to party, but on a media invite to Sole Superior, Singapore’s first ever Sneaker/Streetwear Convention for Sneaker lovers by Sneaker Lovers. 🙂

Sole Superior officially starts at 1pm to 7pm. I was there at 12.50pm but there was a queue already! Photo taken by my phone.

SGVegan_Sole Superior crowd at Zouk

I was told to come back at 1.15pm as that would be when the media will be allowed in. So since Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel is just next door, I headed there to cool down in the air con and make use of the toilet facility. I must admit, I was impressed by the service staff and layout.

When I headed back to Zouk’s entrance, the crowd outside was even bigger than before! There was a long queue even for tickets that were purchased at the gate! It was surprising to me as tickets sold at the door are at $15 instead of early bird tickets at $10. This proves that there are many sneaker lovers here in Singapore .

I got my arm stamped and entered, along the passageway into where the hive of activity was…

This was what the ground floor looks like. I was amazed at the crowd!

SGVegan_Sole Superior ground floor stage

Taken from further up:

SGVegan_Sole Superior ground floor

So I knew Macbeth Footwear, the only vegan brand was going to be present at Sole Superior. They were in a obscure corner, however, if you look carefully from the ground floor, you can see the life-sized placard of the V sign of Macbeth looking down at the crowd…

SGVegan_Macbeth location

A closer look at the dude…

SGVegan_Macbeth location zoom

And that was where I headed! 🙂

A delightful sight greeted my eyes after my jostle through the human traffic:

SGVegan_Macbeth booth

Now, some of you may be wondering why shoes are also categorized as vegan/vegetarian. This is because even though shoes may be made from non-animal skin (e.g. leather, suede, wool, fur), the glue that is used may not be from a non-animal source. How is glue, supposedly a polymer, is obtained from animals? Well, by  boiling animal carcasses, such as their bones and even hooves (?!), glue is obtained. I did a search and discovered that this process is known as “rendering“, a process that converts animal tissue into stable, value-added products. Well, if you think about it, animal tissue is abundant and thus, cheaper to obtain glue as compared to making man-made polymer glue. So as vegans, we try to minimize the exploitation of animals, hence, it applies to the use of products that do not contain animal parts and it is not just limited to food. 🙂

For those of you who are on my Facebook, I’m sure you had a great time following the stream of photos that I uploaded, particularly this photo below of myself and Tim (from Macbeth) rocking our vegan tees at Sole Superior. 🙂 Mine’s from Peta (I’m not a nugget) while Tim’s wearing the Macbeth logo tee.

SGVegan_Macbeth with Tim

Unlike what the photo looks like, it was unfortunate that the Macbeth booth was hidden in a corner, and there was insufficient lighting to draw attention to the vegan wares available. They were still sorting it out when I left so I hoped everything went well! 🙂

It was a great pleasure to have a meaningful conversation with Tim. We spoke about the vegan fashion scene in Singapore and I learnt more about the Macbeth Footwear brand. Tim is the E-Commerce Manager of Supply & Demand Pte Ltd, which is the distributor of Macbeth Footwear, among many others.

So what was available? Well, the Macbeth vegan logo tee(s) that Tim was wearing in the photo above was retailing at $30 (usual $39).

SGVegan_Macbeth tees

Shoes on sale, yayy!

SGVegan_Macbeth shoes on sale

And the newest range of vegan shoes…

SGVegan_Macbeth new range

I personally love the design that is at the back row, 2nd from the left. Heehee. The feel of the black material is great!

Tim elaborated more though, on the rightmost shoe at the back row:

SGVegan_Macbeth new range removable velcro

With interchangeable velcro strips, you can change the look and feel of your outfit! And this is a popular design. 🙂

My thoughts:

Through my traveling, particularly on the MRT, I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing vegan shoes/tops, especially Macbeth tees and shoes. While these people are not vegan, they are supporting a vegan cause unknowingly. This shows that being vegan is more do-able nowadays, with brands such as Macbeth retailing at easily accessible retail locations such as TANGS Singapore. If we can get people to consider what they are buying, that being vegan does not mean compromising on our fashion, then this will create a demand for non-animal products, and more and more companies will being listening. Remember: for every dollar you spend, only 7 cents goes towards the real cost of the ingredients (https://sgvegan.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/are-my-products-angel-dusted/).

A big thank you to Sole Superior (thanks Jonathan!) for the media invite to this awesome event and the opportunity to finally touch (physical) base with Macbeth Footwear. Let us work towards more public awareness of the effects of our consumer spending! 🙂

[Pure Tincture] Simple Organic Beauty with suki® skin care

SGVegan_Pure Tincture

Tucked away in a corner of the basement of The Adelphi, Pure Tincture is an extremely pleasant place to be in. A wide range of premium clean and effective organic skin care products and treatments are made available under-one-roof as Pure Tincture is Singapore’s distributor of premier natural, pure and organic skin care. In addition, Pure Tincture is a provider of related beauty services using these high-quality, premier skin care solutions.

Suitable for both sexes, Pure Tincture has won numerous awards such as Harper Bazaar Beauty & Simply Her Award Winner since beginning in 2005. It is well known for its organic skin care products which are great for sensitive skins with all natural ingredients!

Pure Tincture sources for skin care products from all over the world. Only when the products passes their stringent criteria are they then imported and carried by Pure Tincture.

While from the outside, some may get the impression it is an art gallery due to the large amount of frames hanging, upon entering, one just feels immediately at peace and ease. The environment is peaceful and the scent that hits your nose is soothing.

The scent is due to the essential oils released by the natural aroma sachet found at this shelf on your left:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 1

Also note the range of essential oils…

Just ahead of you, there is a make up corner that’s just so inviting, making you want unleash the inner child in you to go over and play with the range of eye shadow colors:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Makeup play area

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Makeup play area zoom

And walking just a few steps inner, on your left, you can sit at the sofa while sipping a cup of ginger tea and slowly browsing through the amazing range of skin care products available.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Products

You’ll definitely notice the number of awards as displayed on the top of the shelves:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 2

SGVegan_Pure Tincture 3

And a book which you can slowly browse through for the treatments available, if you’ve not done so online…

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Treatments

I flipped open the cover and this is what I read:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Philosophy

I especially love the part where “We strive to give what we wish to receive ourselves”. For those of you who have interacted with me before offline, this is exactly my own personal philosophy. I have perviously blogged about removing sugar from my diet since July and I dare say, I am still doing well without those sugary drinks even till today (yayy). Which was why I only decided to turn up for the World Vegan Day potluck dinner when I could bring healthy green smoothies from LINS Smoodees instead of supermarket bought (cheap) sugary laden drinks.

As part of the series of blog reviews of products from Pure Tincture, the focus today will be on the range of skin care products from suki® skin care. Do take note that suki® skin care is from USA while Sukin (commonly available in Watsons etc) is from Australia.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface

Here’s the suki® skin care range available in Pure Tincture:

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 1

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 2

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Sukiface 3

As you can see from the images, the products come in a variety of sizes, from travel sized for those who wish to try them out first before committing to purchasing the full sized product.

What I really love about the suki® skin care range is that the products, such as the toners and moisturizers, come in glass containers. Yes, even those travel sized ones. Which is really good for storing the product and yet, does not shatter even when dropped.

Pure Tincture has 2 facial rooms – one for suki® skin care products facial and the other for OSEA facial (more about this in a separate blogpost).

Helen applies her pilates knowledge, ensuring that a small cushion is placed below your lower calves during the facial, so that due to the slight angled prop, customers do not get pins and needles as blood is circulating well. I thought it was nothing but after trying out the facial, this small gesture really makes a whole world of a difference!

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Spa Room 1

Thank you mini bolster 🙂

And at a corner of the room, you get a stool to place your bag and clothes on, together with a brush and mirror that’s supplied.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture Spa Room 2

Ladies, I would highly suggest bringing your own brush as its definitely more hygienic and you’re more comfortable using your own. 🙂

So the facial commenced…


What was unique about the suki® facial at Pure Tincture is that the facial encompasses elements of aromatherapy, making full use of the natural essential oils present already in the products.

If you’re a person looking for a relaxing facial experience while fully engaging the senses, you must definitely try out the facial treatments at Pure Tincture. (Read on more for a special deal for SGVegan readers)

So after the facial, I got served another cup of ginger tea. Sipping the tea while slowly browsing through the product ranges, I felt surreal and calm.

Helen then passed me some products to try out at home. It was not easy as not all the products from the suki® skin care range are vegan due to the presence of cera alba, which is beeswax. To work around the issue, instead of passing me the travel set package, Helen gave me sample size packets of suki® skin care to try out for 2 weeks on my skin to see the effect.

I’m a minimalist person. And it was interesting to try out a morning (AM) and night (PM) skin care regime.

Here’s the AM ones…

  1. Creamy foaming cleanser: http://sukiskincare.com/products/creamy-foaming-cleanser.html
  2. Concentrated Nourishing Toner: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-concentrated-nourishing-toner.html
  3. Concentrated Nourishing Cream: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-intensive-nourishing-cream.html
  4. Suntegrity Sunscreen (Review coming up!)

Do take note that the #3 which is the moisturizing cream contains cera alba (beeswax), which cannot be helped for this product review as the moisturizers all contain beeswax. I tried the cream for the purpose of this review as a skin care set. However, for my own long term use, I would definitely recommend using another vegan brand to substitute. 🙂 Otherwise, suki® skin care has vegan tinted active moisturizer under sukicolor®. That aside, I will highlight those products I find extremely useful that I particularly love from suki® skin care range further below.


The PM range:

  1. Exfoliate foaming cleanser: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-exfoliate-foaming-cleanser.html
  2. Concentrated Nourishing Toner: http://sukiskincare.com/products/to%252dgo-concentrated-nourishing-toner.html
  3. Pure facial moisture – nourishing (dry skin) or balancing (not shown, oily skin): http://sukiskincare.com/products/pure-facial-moisture-%252d-nourishing.html or http://sukiskincare.com/products/pure-facial-moisture-%252d-balancing.html
  4. Targeted bio-brightening face serum: http://sukiskincare.com/products/targeted-bio%252dbrightening-face-serum.html


My very own personal favorite is the PM range. They are vegan. Even though exfoliating every night may seem a lot, what I do is that I take a small amount, slowly rub between my hands to dissolve the sugar, and then use it on my face. That way, it is not that rough on my skin.

The concentrated nourishing toner is my current favorite toner with shiitake + olive leaf extracts. Smells great too. I used up 2 travel sized bottles for this 2 week review. Helen specially sent me the 2nd bottle when she heard I was running low on toner.

I highly highly recommend the pure facial moisture – nourishing and the targeted bio-brightening face serum. The pure facial moisture – nourishing contains organic carrot + evening primrose while the targeted bio-brightening face serum contains songyi mushroom + licorice root. I found that the targeted bio-brightening face serum really does “fights against the appearance of discoloration, spots & redness, reducing dark spots, circles & scars” as it claims. On the other hand, the pure facial moisture – nourishing oil really “helps firm, promote
elasticity & reduce signs deep lines & premature aging,  moisturizing without clogging pores or a greasy feel. use at night & awaken to beautifully hydrated, healthier skin”.

I wake up every morning feeling my skin hydrated and even through the day, it is not as dry as before. I think it really acts in this manner as the website image shows…from inside out.


Now just for a compare and contrast after 2 weeks. Taken with my phone’s front camera, so pardon the difference in lighting… I made sure to wear the same t-shirt.

SGVegan_suki review

Personally, I find my skin more hydrated and youthful after using suki® skin care for 2 weeks. No more mid-day dryness. I really believe the PM regime is very useful for skin like mine, that is dry on the surface but oily below (internal).

Here’s me with Helen after the facial. I edited the color contrast as I wanted it to show the typical skin color instead of being enhanced by the yellowish tinge from the lighting.

SGVegan_Pure Tincture with Helen

So as promised, here’s a special treat for SGVegan readers: A facial at 30% off!
*Valid till 28 Feb 2014

Simply email in to Pure Tincture Customer Service at cs@puretincture.com to schedule your appointment. Or you can simply give them a ring at 6337 6411. Make sure to quote “SGVegan” to be entitled to 30% off your facial.

Have an soothing aromatic facial 🙂

Pure Tincture is located at:
1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #B1-10
Singapore 179803
(Go down the steps, left of the bridal store.)

O’right, the world’s first carbon neutral shampoo that grows into a tree

It seems like a dream. An eco-friendly dream, where after washing and treating your hair, you can plant the empty bottle and its packaging and a beautiful tree will grow.

Well, imagine no more.

O’right is a professional hair care brand develops, produces, and distributes a series of natural, pure and eco-friendly products.


In 2002, O’right was founded in Taiwan. O’right is a company that is committed to being at the forefront of being a green company with green manufacturing practices that are sustainable to our environment. O’right is also the first hair care company to be certified as “Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060; using ECOCERT, USDA organic and the most natural ingredients; printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials wherever possible.

So what else is so special about O’right?

Although they are the most eco-friendly and carbon-neutral green company, I was impressed that the bottle of shampoo can be planted and grown into a tree.

Now that is an amazing pioneering concept that caught my attention.

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea

As the name suggests, O’right’s “Tree in a bottle” is made by fruit, plant, and vegetable waste processed into a plastic-like starch through fermenting, dehydrating and polymerizing.

A year after burying it into soil, the bottle will be fully biodegraded so everything goes back to Mother Nature. This adds little or no environmental burden because it can significantly reduce energy consumption during the usage and recycling of products.

So basically, the contents of the bottle are from nature, being made from natural and organic ingredients without environmental hormones, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, DEA or artificial colourants. And when you have finished the contents, the bottle can be biodegraded into a high-nutrient fertilizer to nurture seeds in the bottle to grow into a tree.

As a vegan in Singapore who is also eco-conscious, I want to use products that are environmentally-friendly yet at the same time, help me with strengthening and voluminous my tresses so that they look healthier, since I am promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Not many salons in Singapore are as eco-conscious like The Organic Hair Professional, carrying the whole range of O’right products with vegan ammonia and paraben free hair dye.

Yvonne, the marketing manager of A-Vinz Pte Ltd, which is the exclusive distributor of O’right in Singapore was going to send me 2 products specially targeted for my fine hair – the Goji Berry shampoo and hair cream. Unfortunately the Goji Berry shampoo was out of stock hence, she sent me the Green Tea shampoo which works just as well for fine hair and it refreshes the scalp.

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea Shampoo

SGVegan_O'right Tree-in-the-bottle Green Tea Ingredients

Green Tea Shampoo
90% Natural Ingredients|For normal to slightly damaged hair
With green tea extract and mild certified organic foaming agents, it is an excellent antioxidant, promotes hair and scalp condition, refreshes scalp and keeps it healthy.

Tree-in-a-bottle (250ml) retails at SGD34

The color of the shampoo is pale yellow in color as seen through the bottle due to the green tea:

SGVegan_O'right Green Tea shampoo color

After the shampoo, I would towel dry my hair and apply the Goji Berry hair cream before blow drying my hair.

There is no conditioner in the Goji Berry range as according to Yvonne, as a conditioner tends to weigh down flat/thin hair.

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream bottle

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream Ingredients

Goji Berry Volumizing Hair Cream
For fine and limp hair | 88% Natural Ingredients
With certified organic Goji Berry extract and botanical bouffant factors, Volumizing Hair Cream supports hair roots and makes hair bouffant, thicker and fuller.

Directions: Wipe dry your hair after shampoo, apply onto hair and roots evenly, blow dry and style your hair directly.

Retail price: SGD40

For my short hair, I use exactly 1 pump:

SGVegan_O'right Goji Berry Hair Cream

And then I blow dry my hair. This is me after the 1st use:

SGVegan_after first use

I have been diligently using O’right for the past month. Everything has been O’right. 🙂

So what do I think about the 2 products – Green Tea-in-a-bottle and Goji Berry Volumizing Hair Cream?

Firstly, I enjoy using the products. They smell good. And every shower I take I am assured that it is a cruelty-free experience, good for the environment and living beings.

Secondly, I cut down on my shower time and amount of water used. Which saves $, time and is good for the environment. This is due to the hair cream which replaces the conditioner.

Lastly, I had to opportunity to have a hair/scalp analysis done somewhere else. The result was that both my scalp and hair texture were normal, while my hair follicle condition is moderate. There were some baby hairs growing even though my hair texture was fine. This proves that the products really deliver!

Most importantly, my philosophy lies exactly in line with Organic Hair Professional – that beautiful hair can be achieved with a healthier lifestyle through the use of organic products. I believe that there will soon be a paradigm shift in consumer preferences as more and more people become aware to this fact. And I wish to help spread the word too also to the community, starting from you, my readers. Let’s make our world a greener place, suitable for our children to live in.

SGVegan_O'right ecofriendly manufacturing

SGVegan readers might like to try out the O’right Scalp Exfoliating Spa at all Organic Hair Professional branches at a trial price of $68 nett.

It is a six-step scalp treatment essential for healthy scalp and hair growth:

Step 1: Exfoliation with Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel
Step 2: Cleanse with Tea Tree Shampoo
Step 3: Condition with Tea Tree Conditioner
Step 4: Treatment with Cooling Refreshing Scalp Spray
Step 5: Treatment with Hair Tonic
Step 6: Massage on the neck with Lemongrass Massage Oil

SGVegan_The Organic Hair Salon Singapore

So what are you waiting for? Head down to The Organic Hair Professional salon pick up your bottle of carbon neutral shampoo that grows into a tree! 😉

Vegan Sports Shoes! – Adidas by Stella McCartney

Hello there SGVegan readers! Its been a while since I’ve blogged and I truly apologize for the long hiatus! 😐 I am truly grateful for the continuous support I have been getting from you during this period by continuing to subscribe to my humble blog and dropping me emails. My apologies for not being able to reply to all of them. Hope you are all doing well! 😀

Recently, the sole of my 8+ years old sports shoe fell apart when I wore it for the first time in a long while. It was a good excuse 😳 to purchase a pair of sports shoes, haha! After much research, here’s the pair I bought:

Cacatua Runner, Adidas by Stella McCartney

It was not easy to search for a vegan sports shoes here in Singapore. I asked my SGVeganGrrrrls Kat and she suggested Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Having a rough idea of what the cost would be like, I decided to scour Queensway Shopping Center for this specific brand first.

It was a bad move.

Due to time constraints, I simply headed there and realized that no shops carried the shoes, except for one stall with a very limited apparel range of the Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Being nearby in the vicinity of IMM, I headed to the Adidas warehouse, and discovered 2 racks of the Stella McCartney apparel range. Prices were reasonable, and I bought a sports bra at $49.50 (usual $99).

The salesperson informed me that only the Vivocity and Suntec outlets carry the full range of Stella McCartney.

I was meeting a friend at Vivocity, so I popped by to have a look.

And ended up S$170.10 poorer.

I tried on the other designs and this caught my fancy:

Tucana Pack Away Textile

Unfortunately, its for indoor use, so the support is not very strong. This pair of shoes is called “Tucana Pack Away Textile” and retails for S$149 if I remembered correctly.

I was lucky the saleslady decided to bring out this last pair that was not on the rack. According to her, it was a popular design, and the last pair happened to be my size! 😆 Yayyy!

Presenting my… Cacatua Runner!

I especially love this part as I think its very slick:

Cacatua Runner logo

And the airy inner part:

Cacatua Runner inner part

Which makes use of OrthoLite technology, that…

Cacatua Runner OrthoLite technology

Being more ethically aware of the “ingredients” that go into the making of vegan sports shoes/apparel, and plus, the companies’ manufacturing processes and the supply chain, I wanted to get a pair of shoes that would reflect my ethical awareness of what goes into the making of the sports shoes I wear.

Yeah, not all sports shoes are vegan, even though they appear to be.

I discovered that even if the sports shoes do not contain leather material, the glue that is used may contain animal products and byproducts! 

My pair of Cacatua Runner shoes costs S$189. After a 10% discount for regular priced items, I ended up paying $170 for this pair of vegan shoes.

Many of my friends who hear about the price of my vegan sports shoes are shocked at the steep price. And I agree. My bank account has just taken a beating. 😐

So why did I still choose to get this pair of shoes?

green and eco-friendly concept green shoes

I think about it as making a more compassionate choice by choosing a product I wear, not just simply what I eat. Its like a non-food equivalent of the dairy industry. I want the people who made my shoes, to be able to enjoy their deserved human rights and labor practices.

Even though sports shoes may appear vegan, are in fact made of materials that are toxic to both humans and animals, and companies, through their environmentally destructive manufacturing and supply chain practices, are indirectly responsible for the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been conditioned to only look at the sticker price of items and not at the real costs paid by the environment, the animals and our fellow human beings all over the world! 

What we don’t see, and does not affect us directly, we will adopt an indifferent attitude. I am trying to be more aware of the consequences of my actions and putting it into practice. And I just took a small step towards this goal. 🙂