Get 10% off your Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 movie premiere happening tomorrow 7pm!

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Feeling that you need a “reset” button on your life?

Swing by tomorrow’s Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 movie premiere @ GV Vivocity.

Meet Joe Cross, the man in person who reset his entire life through a 60 day juice fast and learn how to do it from him, in person!

SGVegan_FSND2 10% Discount

Come by before that for activities from 6pm and try to spot me! :)

Read more about it here and here.

Last Call! Giveaway to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Movie Premiere 3rd December 2014 @ GV Vivo Max 7-9pm


Update: After discussing with Le Bono Collections, SGVegan will not be taking any commissions for tickets sold. Get your tickets here. And remember to key in “REDEEMED” at checkout to get 10% off your Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 movie premiere!

Good news all!

If you have not obtained your tickets to this coming Wednesday’s Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 movie premiere at GV Vivocity to see the man in action, Joe Cross, who changed his life 180 degrees with a 60 days juice fast, I have 4 tickets to give away!

Simply comment at the bottom of this post on what interests you to want to attend this event! :)

Read on more here.

SGVegan_FSND2_Joe Cross Before and After

Winners will be contacted via email by Tuesday, 2 Dec 2014, 6pm.

If you are definitely coming, get your confirmed tickets here through my affiliate link. Every ticket comes with a goodie bag worth more than $50 – definitely worth the price. Plus, we can hang out together! :)

[Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead] Movie Premiere 3rd December 2014 @ GV Vivo Max 7-9pm


World Premiere Tour of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead #2 will be screening in Singapore on 3rd December 2014 (Wednesday).

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

Joe Cross, the main protagonist will be here in person!

He did a 60 day fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast and changed his health completely.

If you have been battling with your food and health everyday, this would be a great premiere to note down in your diary.

It is not easy to become healthy, and it is tougher to stay healthy.

Early bird tickets are currently available here at S$49. You can also get them on Eventbrite (they do charge a commission for ticket sales) but I do hope you can support the running of SGVegan by purchasing it through my affiliate link instead. With the small commission I would be getting through the purchase of the tickets, SGVegan would be able to share more goodies with the community. :)

Do note that every ticket comes with a healthy goodie bag worth more than S$50! :)

Although the event starts at 7pm, festivities start from 6pm. Meet the man in person and ask your questions!

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

Here’s my link to get your (early bird) tickets.

If you have a group of 50 and more, please feel free to contact SGVegan @ so that you can enjoy 10% discount off your tickets!

Here’s the trailer:

See you there :)

2014: Vegan Christmas Drinks at Starbucks Singapore


A healthier drinking option @ Starbucks for Christmas.

SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014

SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014

Reply from Starbucks:

I have check our Christmas promotional drinks – you can order these 2 drinks (customise it to be vegan friendly)

  • Toffee nut latte – you can order it with soy milk and no espresso caramel whipped cream
  • Peppermint mocha – you can order it with soy milk and no whip cream

I remember that I used to like Toffee Nut Latte when I had a sweet tooth. Nowadays, its Peppermint Mocha for me. I order my drinks with less if not no sugar pumps.

Enjoy :)

How about the usual Starbucks drinks veganised? Check out the list here.

I had previously blogged about my favorite customised Starbucks drink here.

[Update] Vegan Korean Option available (again) at The Soup Spoon

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Previously, The Soup Spoon had Spicy Vegan Kimchi Tofu Stew option which was vegan.

They then un-veganized it, due to the batch of Kimchi which contained anchovies. Zz

Now, they removed the Kimchi and tada…, the Spicy Tofu Stew is born! :)

SGVegan_Spicy Vegan Tofu Stew

SGVegan_Spicy Vegan Tofu Stew

There is a promo now too:

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Korea Draw

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Korea Draw

[Update] New Korean Veg Option Available at The Soup Spoon


Update 24 Sept 2014:
No longer vegetarian as Kim Chi used contains Anchovies

The Soup Spoon just launched a Korean menu.

Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae (as pictured) is not vegetarian (no onion/garlic).

You can inform the service crew to omit the egg and it will be vegan. This was confirmed via The Soup Spoon’s Facebook page here.

Have an enjoyable meal and let me know if its yummy! :)

SGVegan_Spicy Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae @ The Soup Spoon

2014: Vegan options in Starbucks Singapore


Here’s the latest heathier living update from Starbucks:

I have relook at our list and we will like to share with you that these drinks are vegan friendly:-

·         Freshly brewed coffee & Tazo Full Leaf Tea

·         Espresso based beverages (such as Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Vanilla Latte (or other flavoured syrup) with soy milk and no whip cream.

               -except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Macchiato (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Macchiato)

·         Tea beverages – Tea Lattes (English breakfast, earl grey with soy milk), Green Tea Latte with soy milk, Tazo® Shaken Iced Lemon Passion Tea/ Green Tea

·         Classic Hot chocolate with Soy Milk and no whip cream

I have clarified that the powder we used to make classic hot chocolate does not contain egg and dairy. 

(just ensure that you do not order our signature hot chocolate as this does contain dairy)

(10 Sept 2014 Update: “The classic hot chocolate is actually not on our drinks menu but we are to prepare it upon request.”)

·         Frappuccino (such as Coffee, Espresso, Mocha) with soy milk and no whip cream.

-except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Frappuccino (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Frappuccino)

·         Tea Based Frappuccinos : Mango Passionfruit Blended Juice Drink, Raspberry Blackcurrant Blended Juice Drink

·         Our current promotional drinks – Lemon Ginger Fizzio with Mango Jelly Sparkling Beverage, Passion Tea Lemonade Fizzio with Hibiscus Jelly Sparkling Beverage.

Vegan friendly food:

·         Plain bagel

·         Cinnamon raisin bagel

·         Multigrain bagel

·         Chewy Granola, fruits & Nut

·         Perfect Oatmeal

·         Vegetable Pattie Capricciosa Sandwich (10 Sept 2014 Update: “no longer available on our menu”)

·         Tofu Salad with Salsa Sauce (only at Starbucks Novena Hospital / Raffles Hospital)

Hope this information help.

Well, I hope the above reply from the Customer Service Office at Starbucks helps. Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

PS: Do remember to subscribe to SGVegan on the top right corner of this page to receive the latest healthier living news, happenings and giveaways in Singapore! :)

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