Against Animal Testing – A conscious effort, A subconscious impact

During my growing up years, I frequently heard this phrase “against animal testing”. It was popularized such that whenever this phrase pops up, a particular shop’s name would pop up in my mind.

However, I’ve only recently understood what this phrase really means after coming across an article that made me more conscious of the products I use in my daily life.

So, what does it really mean when someone claims that they are against animal testing?

To me, this means that the particular person does not support brands that test their products on animals. It may be due to their personal belief in animal ethics, or just the fact that the person cannot bear the suffering of animals.

Being a vegan, I personally do not believe in and cannot justify for why must beauty products be tested on animals first before they are deemed suitable for human use. Many times, the failure rate of such products are so high that many animals have to suffer and die for products that do not even make it to the market.

It is my self-belief that based on the long history of human records; there is no need to resort to animal testing as since many thousand years ago, humans have recorded the medicinal properties of plants in which Mother Nature has provided for us. If it has proven helpful for our ancestors, what need is there to resort to “new” products that may not have shown medicinal benefits?

As such, I specially keep a look out for products that are 100% cruelty-free. Due to the marketing strategies of certain companies, I have realized that although some companies claim that their products are not tested on animals, the ingredients which go into the products are tested on animals.

This means that while the final product is not tested on animals, but the ingredients which went into the making of the product are tested on animals!!

It was really a shocking discovery for me.

Hence, while I claim that I am a vegan, I realized that some of the products (or ingredients that go into making of these products) I am using are tested on animals.  😦

Let me share with you my discovery.

According to the article, consumers (like me) don’t really spend a lot of time to consider what really goes into the production of a product whenever we pick up a product while shopping, be it cosmetics or household products.

What we care about mainly is whether the product is safe to use and especially, does it work the way we want it to work.

While we may know that animal testing is cruel towards the animal, some claim that it is nevertheless essential for ensuring our safety. Others, like me, are of the opposite opinion.

Awareness for such products that are tested on animals is still important, regardless of our personal opinions.

1.       Tissue Paper

It is something that is well-utilized in our daily lives. Without it, we may not be able to function as a society. We use it for our sniffles, cleaning up a stain/spill etc… and not forgetting the uniquely Singaporean use of the handy tissue packets for reserving a seat in Singapore.

It is good to be aware that much research has gone behind the scenes to ensure that the tissue, in which you just used to sneeze into or wipe your mouth, is tested on animals.

2.       Post-it notes

Whether one is studying or working, these handy notes that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors are also tested on animals.

How so? By testing the adhesive component on the animal’s skin, to ensure that it is safe.

3.       Lotions/skin products

Cracked lips? Or heading to a cold country and require a lip balm/skin lotion/petroleum jelly to ensure that your skin does not succumb the weather and crack due to lack of moisture?

Although it may bring relief to your skin, it may not sound that great to the animals’ skin on which the product was tested.

Before reaching your skin, many animals have to suffer the agony of the harmful effects before it is deemed safe for public sale.

If you are interested, you can refer to the article here.

Thus, I am even more convinced that I only want to support a company whose products, including all the ingredients used in it, are not tested on animals.

While I may seem to be a small consumer, with small spending power, I still believe that my conscious effort of supporting a product that is against animal testing, will lead to a subconscious impact in the long run.

Thus, LUSH is a company that really believes in ethical sourcing. The raw ingredients which go into their products are all sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner, where the LUSH team will specially go the extra mile to ensure this.

I consider myself fortunate as I have been an ardent user of LUSH products since 2005.

Initially, it was the fun-loving concept of the brand that embarked me on the LUSH journey. Over the years however, I realized that LUSH is more than just fun. It was LUSH’s vision and belief.

Fresh fruits and vegetables go into the making of LUSH products. Every single LUSH product is lovingly hand-made with little or no preservatives. Also, all of LUSH’s products are never tested on animals, only humans.

That is why LUSH is a healthier lifestyle alternative. 🙂

Being an employee of LUSH, I recently received a LUSH staff product box containing some delicious goodies. It is specially for employees to try out the latest products so that we can recommend them to our family/friends/customers with our personal testimonial.

  1. Dream Steam steamer tab
  2. Moon & Sun steamer tab
  3. Phoenix Rising bath bomb
  4. Rose Queen bath bomb
  5. Peace massage bar
  6. Friends with Benefits massage bar
  7. Dirty soap (vegan)
  8. Lust soap (vegan)
  9. Chou Chou I Love You toothy tabs
  10. Green Bubbleroon
  11. Rose Jam Bubbleroon (2 pieces available)
  12. Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
  13. Lustre dusting powder (Vegan)
  14. Love miniature gorilla perfume (Vegan)
  15. 1000 Kisses miniature gorilla perfume (Vegan)
  16. Ginger miniature gorilla perfume (Vegan)
  17. Latte Lip tint (Vegan)
  18. Putty for your hands soap (Vegan)
  19. No Drought dry shampoo (Vegan)
  20. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (Vegan)

Unfortunately for me…since the majority of the products in the LUSH staff product box are vegetarian, I am thinking of spreading the love around by sharing with you, my loyal readers! However, for the vegan products (#13-#20), I will be keeping them for myself and shall be posting a review.

And… just for my vegan friends, LUSH Singapore will be sponsoring a Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub – HOORAY! I personally love and am using this scrub which is detoxifying and combats cellulite. 🙂

I will be holding a random lucky draw to pick the individual winners for LUSH products #1 to #12 and Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub. So, to be able to get a hold of these 10 products, simply complete both steps below:

  1. Subscribe to SGVegan with your email address at the top right of the page AND
  2. Leave a comment below with the name of the LUSH product that you wish to win.

*Note: One entry, one choice per person allowed. Any incomplete or multiple entries/choices shall be deem void. Closing date is 30th April 2012, 2359hrs. Prizes are to be picked up at Lush Singapore, located at 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria Outlet # B1-13. All winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 3 days, otherwise prizes will be forfeited. 

So what are you waiting for? 😉


20 thoughts on “Against Animal Testing – A conscious effort, A subconscious impact

  1. Hi Amanda, may I get your input on why are you so supportive of Lush and why you think animal testing should be banned? thanks! (:


    1. Hello Elysia, thanks for asking about this. These are great questions! 🙂

      The reason why I am so supportive of Lush is because of the following reasons (in no particular order):

      1. The products really do work on my skin with FANTASTIC results.
      2. The products smell nice, making a pleasure to use in the shower and leaving a great scent on my body.
      3. All the products are made FRESH, with little or no preservatives. By fresh, Lush squeezes all the fruits and vegetables right into the product that is made.
      4. None of the products are ever tested on animals, so every time I use my Lush products, my conscience is free, making my shower an even more enjoyable experience as no animals have to suffer, as seen in a re-enacted video just done across the world in all Lush stores:
      5. Every single product in Lush is all handmade, with a sticker of the person’s face who made the product, when its made and when to use by. This allows me to feel like the product is made loving-ly from scratch by a person, and not a machine.
      6. Lush makes sure that all the raw materials for its products are sourced from ethical and sustainable means, ensuring the farmers and people who supply Lush are paid properly and fairly. This helps society and Mother Earth.
      7. Lush uses minimal packaging, and recycles the plastic containers into new ones or even into vintage scarfs (pretty!) which is better for the environment as waste is minimalized.
      8. Last but not least, happy people make happy soap! I believe that the happy energy emitted by the people who made the Lush products are captured in the Lush products that I use, which makes me happy to use the product that is filled with happy energy.

      These are just a rough outline of why I am extremely supportive of Lush.

      The reason why I am extremely against animal testing, to the extent it must be banned is roughly captured in the video link above in point #4. All animals are conscious beings. Like humans, they are able to think and feel. They are just not as “intelligent” as human beings.

      From a scientific point of view, I feel that a lot of tests that are conducted on animals are not a good gauge of whether the product is safe for human use, as animal trials have a low success rate when brought into clinical trials, thus not justifying the use of animals for testing of products. Through our ancestors knowledge, we know what things are good for our bodies, as proven from thousand/hundred-year-old formulas they recorded.

      From a simple Buddhist point of view, whatever bad things that are done on the animals creates bad karma, which will not be good for us.

      Hope it answers your questions. 🙂



  2. Hi, I would lovvvvvveeee to win the sugar scrub from Lush. My friends have been raving so much about this!! I’m dying to try this so much! It will be so fabulous if i can get this!! Thanks so much!!


    1. Hi Viivienne, its good to hear from you that your friends have been raving about the sugar scrub. 🙂 I too, really love using the sugar scrub. It’s one of my favorite products.



  3. Hi Amanda,

    I was deeply moved by the Animal testing vid shared by Lush…wasn’t able to finish watching it to be honest. Really saddens my heart! Anywhoo, a friend gave a me lush (soap) 1st actually — last 2002 i believe. It was one of the things that made us closer together. However when I left Manila, I had no choice but to totally forget ’bout the brand. ..oh my it’s been 10 years! Just so glad that Lush is now in SG and people like you are an instrument to indeed spread the love…esp. the petition call. You really have a generous heart. I’ve been to Wisma almost 2x, but I went out empty handed…strange:(

    Unfortunately, I can’t try the bath bombs but I hope I can try that Scrub thing, from the name it alreaDY sounds promising…and if I’d choose fr 1-12, the Friends with Benefits bar would I think be best to ignite my love for LUSH again. Thanks for this !:))


    1. Hello CharlesAngel, I was not able to watch the whole “live” run of the animal testing online as acted out in Lush’s Regent Street store. But I caught snippets of it. And I did not like it what I saw either.

      I hope to be able to ignite your love for Lush when you come by Lush Singapore. See you there!



  4. Hey Amanda, Thanks for sharing all about Lush products and them being against Animal-Testing! I think it is great that we can use beauty products without harming the animals in any way!
    After visiting the Lush’s website, I sure would like to try out the Chou Chou I Love You Toothy Tabs, just because its my first time hearing about solid toothpaste and i find it extremely interesting! 😀


    1. Hi ylisa, it’s great to hear that from you. I’m so glad that I am able to use LUSH products without any guilt on my conscience and yet, smell so good too! Plus, its great for my skin too.

      Chou Chou I Love You Toothy Tabs are a limited edition Valentine’s Day product, which is made of real roses and thus, leaves a citrus-y rose scent after brushing due to the lemons in it. And it is in the solid form, which makes it great for travelling. Its so popular, its sold out in the LUSH store already. Do remember to subscribe to SGVegan at the top right of the page to ensure your entry is complete. Hope you win this staff product! 🙂



  5. Loved this article! I started using LUSH products last year. They’re stuff is AMAZING. Expensive, but they do the job well! So far I’m using their Jumping Juniper solid shampoo, Herbalism, Tea Tree Toner, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, A Million Kisses lip tiny and light pink colour supplement. Definetely going to buy more products in the future!

    Last week, I signed their petition to end animal testing.


    1. Hi Ashley, my fellow Lushie! I am glad that you are enjoying your LUSH products. Good to hear that you signed the petition, the SGVegan team also headed down to add our signature down for the petition too. Have a great week ahead! 🙂



  6. I’d love to try Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub!

    Animal testing: it’s all up to every individual to be aware of what goes behind the making of what they consume. It’s getting easier to be conscientious about this too (you can check on the Internet), and stricter regulations mean ingredients have to be listed more precisely. But I doubt most people bother to do the checks because it’s too much trouble to. You have to be watching for something before you actively see it. I do like to think that more and more people bother to do it though.


    1. Hi cultcloud, thanks for sharing with me your thoughts with regard to animal testing. I agree with you that it is too much trouble for some people, even I myself would prefer to buy things fuss-free. But I believe more and more people (like you mentioned) are making a more conscious effort in their spending/buying. And I believe that it will definitely make a difference, just that it may take a while before this change is more obvious. Lets try to make it happen. I believe people will also feel happier to use products that are really cruelty-free.



  7. Thank you Amanda for sharing Lush.

    I made a special trip down to Wisma Atria on Thursday, I was greeted by a very friendly young lady, who knows so much about the products.

    I bought a few items. I love them…. I was pampering myself for whole hour, this morning 😉

    Most importantly, I feel good that what I am using has not been tested on any animals!

    Thanks again!


    1. Hello Cheng Cheng, thank you so much for your support. I am really glad to know that you are enjoying your Lush experience! 🙂



  8. Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing such goodies. May I know where could I purchase Lush products?

    As a start, I wish to win rose queen bath bomb, but may I know what it is? Soap bar??



    1. Hello Vivien, Lush is located at the basement of Wisma Atria. Just along the stretch of shops where there is a Watson and GNC located.

      Rose Queen is a bath bomb, which fizzes when placed into a bath tub, giving a very nice rose scent for you to soak yourself in.

      Hope this helps.



      1. Thanks Amanda for your prompt reply. Is there delivery for order above certain amount?

        Ahh … I don’t have a bath tub at home. Anything else that is more suitable for me? I have very dry skin eversince my 2nd pregnancy. One of my friends attribute it for taking mock meat … but I hardly consume mock meat.

        What is your opinion on this? I have been a vege since year 2000. Lacto-ovo though I hadly take cheese, dairy/ eggs.


      2. Hi Vivien, all prizes have to be collected at Lush’s store at Wisma Atria. You might want to consider the massage bars (#5 & #6) if you have dry skin as they contain cocoa butter, which is great for moisturizing the skin. Alternatively, check out for a description of the products, or swing by the Lush store anytime. All our Lush staff are gurus in Lush products and can best recommend you products that best suits your skin/body.

        If you seldom take mock meats, could the lack of moisture in your skin be due to lack of water intake? It happens to me too if I do not have enough water, my lips are the best indicator of it.



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