The Soup Spoon Japanese Style Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

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* Note: It has come to my attention (Thanks Debbie!) that honey is listed as one of the ingredients. Please do take note if you do not consume honey.*

The latest vegan offering from The Soup Spoon is a vegan spicy Japanese curry:

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Jap Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Jap Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

My shopping experience review (and tips!) on

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A healthy lifestyle begins with small steps one can take to improve one’s health. When we take about health, most of us focus on the food that enters our body. However, we tend to neglect the other contributing factors such as our environment and lifestyle, which plays an equal part towards our health.

As a lady, I am always in search for the best deals. Every time I find a good deal, my happiness level goes up, and I feel good. Who says shopping does not improve our mental well being? ;)

I noticed that the best deals are obtained online on online shopping sites, because online retailers only need to cover warehousing and delivery costs, while physical retailers have to cover other overheads such as rent, workers’ wages and many other costs. These costs are then passed on to the consumer leading to products which cost more than when purchased online.

SGVegan_Lazada logo

As such, I discovered last year, when I was on ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback. By signing up on ShopBack, with my referral link (, you and I both stand to gain $5 cashback.

Why I am introducing As I mentioned at the start, our environment and lifestyle contributes to our health.

By shopping online on an online shopping site such as, one gets to enjoy cashback, and special deals and discounts, such as the Lazada Friday Frenzy deal which is going to end at midnight tonight, and Lazada MasterCard Monday.

I have personally purchased products on Lazada before, and delivery is only 2 days! If the item is not in Singapore, the Lazada will have a note on the page informing customers of the longer delivery time.

Based on a healthy lifestyle, I have chosen 5 products which can improve our lifestyle.

1. Health/DietSedona Rawfood Dehydrator

SGVegan_Sedona Dehydrator

I have chosen the Sedona Rawfood Dehydrator as compared to other run-of-the-mill dehydrators, the Sedona Dehydrator is specially designed to ensure the nutrients and taste are retained in the food and are truly raw, and not cooked.

The Sedona Dehydrator has 2 drying compartments, so you can control how much power is being used, especially if you are only dehydrating a small amount of food.

2. Health/KnowledgeKindle


Knowledge is power and without knowledge, one is not able to improve our health. The Kindle is kind on our eyes, lighter than carrying an actual book and can be used for weeks/months on a single charge.

This is a product I have personally purchased a few weeks ago. It costs close to $100 but has since dropped. And there is now 8000+ free Ebooks – hooray! :) Delivery is longer as it was shipped in at that time. Although the Kindle has ads, the ads is just on the screen of the Kindle when it is switched off. I am completely fine with it.

3. Health/Relaxation Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker

SGVegan_Harma Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker

This is ridiculously priced. In a positive sense.

We all know that listening to music has a positive effect on our mind, mental state and mood.

The Harman Kardon brand delivers beautiful sound by combining unmatched audio quality and iconic design to create a work of both art and sound. I was surprised to see that this bluetooth speaker was going for $129 and as I was looking for a bluetooth speaker, boy, did this deliver.

Delivery came within 2 days of ordering. It came in the original packaging so it was authentic. The sound, wow. Let me just say that if you have a party at home, this is a sound system that is cheap but yet sounds good. You can blast music, or if you are like me, you can listen to it, by pairing your computer with it and you get good sound quality like in the cinemas. I find myself relaxing to the good quality sound in my room before heading to bed.

It was so good (and cheap) that my boyfriend purchased a total of 4 speakers for himself and his family members. Shh~

4. Health/FitnessNike Fuelband SE (Second Edition)

SGVegan_Nike Fuelband Second Edition

I chose this mainly because I am already the owner of a Nike Fuelband SE of the exact color. When I first purchased mine, it was only available in London and as such, I had to get a friend to buy it for me. The reason the Nike Fuelband SE attracted me out of all the fitness bands is due to the “traffic lights” at the bottom. You set a daily NikeFuel goal based on your activeness, and it tracks your activities from waking to night, where at the end of the day, if you fulfilled your NikeFuel goal, the bar of lights will be full (color adds on from Green to Red).

With my new iPhone, I get to sync it with my phone and this gives me feedback and motivation. Burn those fats!!

5. Health/ConvenienceSamsung Slimline Portable HD

SGVegan_Samsung HD

Now with everything done on a computer, we need to ensure that our data are all backed up in case anything happens. It will be a real inconvenience and headache if we lose our data. I am the owner of this Samsung Slimline Portable HD. I purchased mine 2 years ago at the main IT fair at Suntec. It works really well and now comes in 2TB! Mine is only half the size at 1TB, the maximum storage capacity 2 years back. I paid more last time too, than the amount listed here. Plus this Samsung Slimline Portable HD comes with a 3 years local warranty.


These are the 5 products I have chosen to highlight based on different aspects of a healthier lifestyle.

Given my positive shopping experience on, this is my go-to online shopping site. Delivery is within 2 days from purchase, and there is an ease-of-mind for support in case anything happens as they have a local team. After reading my review, I hope you will be interested to check them out especially today as their Friday Frenzy sale ends midnight! :)

Click on the below image to start shopping for the best deals now!

SGVegan_Lazada Best Deals

iHerb discount in Singapore!

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Just thought to share this with you my readers.

As I mentioned in a previous post, iHerb is the place to get good quality (e.g. organic) supplements and groceries. For health and also, for the home.


Take advantage of iHerb’s special weekend discount, and get 10% off on all orders over $40.00 @

In addition, enjoy Free SingPost for orders over $40.00. You will see the discount in the shopping cart. Now is a great time to do all your shopping for over 35000 natural products! This offer ends on Monday, August 3rd, at 10 a.m. (PDT) which means 1 am, 4 Aug this 10% discount + free delivery over $40.

Of course, if you apply my discount code of TNQ282, you get $10 off your first order! Enjoy :)

The Soup Spoon Vegan Rice with Ratatouille Casserole – Latest Spain Offering

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Its not just vegan, but also gluten free! Check out the latest offering from The Soup Spoon that’s a mere 185 Cal:

Vegan Arroz Samfaina La Cassola
(Vegan Rice With Ratatouille Casserole)

SGVegan_Soup Spoon Vegan Rice with Ratatouille Casserole

Purchase it and stand to win a trip for 2 to Spain! :)

Vegan musical screening in Singapore…Loving the Silent Tears @ GV MAx Vivocity, 25 July 2015, Saturday

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Here’s a shoutout to those who may have missed the news that a vegan international musical will be screening in Singapore on the last Saturday of this month.

Loving the Silent Tears takes us on a magical train ride around the globe through the eyes of an older woman and a young man who are guided by the train’s mysterious conductor on an incredible journey. The audience will be taken on a breathtaking journey to 16 countries across six continents through music, theater, dance, and poetry, as well as the exceptional artistry of Broadway stars, pop music stars, and top international artists.

The spectacular, one-time red carpet premiere presentation of Loving the Silent Tears was directed by Tony nominee Vincent Paterson (Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s world tours) and choreographed by Emmy winner Bonnie Story (High School Musical 1, 2, 3).

An international musical promoting cultural unity and inner peace, Loving the Silent Tears musical was held at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium on 27 October 2012.

SGVegan_Loving the Silent Tears SG GV Screening

SGVegan_Loving the Silent Tears SG GV Screening

Here’s a preview/trailer of it:

I highly recommend anyone interested to grab your tickets now. Loving the Silent Tears musical is about a touching story about humanity’s search for inner peace, which is very rare nowadays in most musicals and movies. This is a one time screening in Singapore and kid-friendly too. :) Plus with many free gifts!

Date: 25 July 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 2-4:30pm
Golden Village, GVmax, Vivocity
Level 2 & 3 VivoCity,
1 HabourFront Walk, S098585

Each ticket is only priced at $10 (excludes SISTIC booking fee).
Get your tickets now at /SISTIC mobile app /SISTIC Hotline: 63485555 /SISTIC Authorized Agents.
*Note that there is a 1-for-1 ticket promotion now till 14 July. One more week to go to get your tickets at $5 only!*

*Each attendee will receive a free goodie bag filled with delicious vegan snacks.

*Each ticket holder will be entered in a drawing for 3 chances to win a Hamper worth $200!

2015 GSS Organic Vegan Promotion @ Crystal Maiden!

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For those of you looking for an organic and cruelty free treat during this Great Singapore Sale (GSS), look no further.

Crystal Maiden has rolled out a good deal this GSS for you to pamper yourself. Be it a facial for common Asian skin, eye or tummy issues (Jamu), they have just the solution for you! :)

Why is it a good idea to head to Crystal Maiden, especially for their organic facial? It is because Crystal Maiden uses Phyt’s:

SGVegan_Take Care of Yourself Naturally at Crystal Maiden

How does this compare to the usual mainstream facials that uses general cosmetic ingredients?


If you have dry dull combination skin like me, I go for the Phyt’s Soin Oligo Vital:

SGVegan_Soin Oligo Vital

Enough words! So how does it work on skin? Here’s a collage of Before/After pictures provided by Crystal Maiden when Soin Oligo Vital is used in the Phyt’s organic facial:

SGVegan_Crystal Maiden_Before:After Soin Oligo Vital

As seen from the photo, the lymphatic drainage done during the course of the facial has a positive effect on the neck.

Here’s what’s available for this 2015 GSS @ Crystal Maiden, specially brought to you by SGVegan:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.38.46 PM

Do that that these GSS 2015 prices above are valid only from 16 June – 31 August 2015. Remember to quote “SGVegan” when making an appointment to enjoy this special trial price!

All SGVegan readers enjoy an exclusive 5% discount when they sign up for packages after their trial sessions.

If you are interested, check out my previous Crystal Maiden posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here! :)

Crystal Maiden:
150 Orchard Road
Orchard Plaza
#02-23 Singapore 238841
Tel: 6735 4540 / 9092 2807 (SMS)

Personal health, PH360 – Knowing more about our own health as we are all unique individuals

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to clothes, much less our health.

Introducing Personal Health 360, where we can make our health personal. makes our health accessible to ourselves – our personal body profile and lifestyle preferences will reveal everything from the foods likely to increase our metabolism, to the environments and careers most conducive to our wellbeing.

PH360 will suggest changes for the way we think, eat, play, live, work and love based on our unique phenotypic and epigenetic makeup.

SGVegan_You Plus Your Genes

SGVegan_You Plus Your Genes

SGVegan_Matt Riemann

SGVegan_Matt Riemann

Dr Matt Riemann, who holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in applied human sciences and is a lecturer and clinical educator at Griffith University and the University of Queensland in Australia, is an internationally recognised speaker, author and social entrepreneur in the fields of personalised health and future medicine. He delivers a message of uniqueness, that we all have different genes, environments and lifestyles and as such need to eat, move, love, live and play accordingly.

Riemann was diagnosed with a terminal illness some 9 years ago, has spent the past decade gathering an international team of collaborators who are leading scientists, researchers, medical doctors and health professionals with expertise in the fields of anthropometry, endocrinology, molecular biology, epigenetics, phenotypology, nutrigenomics and neuroscience, to tackle this seemingly impossible task.

He recently addressed the United Nations on personalised health, has been invited as a health advisor to the US Army, and in March 2015, delivered a TED talk in Los Angeles on the concept of applied epigenetics and the controlling of one’s own future. Riemann, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness some 9 years ago, has spent the past decade gathering an international team of collaborators who are leading scientists, researchers, medical doctors and health professionals with expertise in the fields of anthropometry, endocrinology, molecular biology, epigenetics, phenotypology, nutrigenomics and neuroscience, to tackle this seemingly impossible task.

And last year in 2014, Riemann launched the world’s first personalised health tool, PH360, based on gene expression, combining concepts of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and conventional medicine to produce a platform with the ability to predict the exact foods, fitness, environments and lifestyle – or epigenetic factors – to make intuitive decisions for one to stay healthy and avoid disease.

SGVegan_How It Works Infographic

SGVegan_How It Works Infographic

This is the 1st time PH360 is launched in Asia by Riemann, where he gets to share more about PH360 through The Future of Health.

There are 2 events, one in the afternoon for the general public (anyone interested in topic but do not have any medical/nutritional qualifications) and the evening are for people who are generally aware about health matters, including health care professionals.

Afternoon session
The Evolution of Health, 20 May 2015, 2.30-5.30pm

Evening session
The Future of Health, 20 May 2015, 6.30-9.30pm

The ticket price to attend is USD97.  But, Catalyst Health Asia has specially arranged for every participant to also receive a PH360 token worth USD197* (only in Asia!) so they get to try the assessment for themselves. This is worth much more than the ticket price of USD97. (*T&C apply).

Participants are also encouraged to bring a laptop/tablet to participate.

Both the events will be held at M2 Academy, located within Orchard Gateway, that is opposite Somerset MRT. Here’s the map.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an interest in yours or a loved one’s health, register now. I will be attending the evening event so see you all! :)

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