[Giveaway] Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

[Giveaway] Buckwheat Green Tea and Coffee

Have you heard about the benefits of Buckwheat?

For over a year, I’ve been consuming Buckwheat Green Tea from Buckwheat Health Products Pte Ltd (BHP), a Singapore-based company founded in 2010.

BHP is now currently sold in over 40 medical halls and restaurants island-wide and have helped many Singaporeans health wise. BHP has since earned many awards such as SME1 Asia Awards 2011, Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2011/2012 and Singapore Brand 2012 Award 

What’s so special about BHP? Well, instead of using normal Buckwheat, BHP choses to use Black Pearl Buckwheat where the rutin content is a few fold much higher than normal buckwheat. I was told that…

  • Normal Buckwheat pricing US$0.50 to US$2 per kg.
  • Black Pearl Buckwheat pricing US$21 to US$2000 per kg. Depending MOQ.

Here’s an image that shows the benefits of Black Pearl Buckwheat:

SGVegan_Black Pearl Buckwheat

The green tea used is sencha, harvested within 14 days from 50-500 year old green tea trees as BHP says that such trees offer much better health benefits such as prevention of cancer or stopping cancer cells from replicating. As such, the price per kg of green tea leaves are more expensive compared to the usual green tea.

In short, enjoying BHP products help to:
  1. Reduce High Blood Sugar
  2. Reduce High Blood Pressure
  3. Reduce High Cholesterol

And also, it will additionally improve kidney and liver function and reduce weight! 🙂

The Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea is very smooth and delicious when consumed hot. The tea bag is made of really good material, and I can get at least 3 cups of tea just from 1 teabag.

After drinking this Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea from BHP, I personally find that the rest of the general green tea has a very “siap” taste.

The Buckwheat Green Tea can contains much lesser sugar compared to the other green tea drinks in the market and is very delicious when consumed chilled with a meal. Mmmmhhhmmm.

I’m not a coffee person so I’ve not tried the coffee but my grandmother enjoyed it so much, I heard that she finished the 5 packs I passed to her very fast!

So, with the upcoming CNY, I would like to share this great Singapore products from BHP, so that we can enjoy our sugar rich CNY cookies! 🙂

SGVegan_Buckwheat Giveaway
SGVegan Buckwheat Giveaway: 4 x 6cans (UP $9.50/pack); 2 x 30s Buckwheat Coffee (UP $22/box); 5 x 60s Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea (UP $36/box)

I will be giving the Buckwheat Green Tea can in a set of 2 packs.

Please leave a comment below as to which BHP product

(Buckwheat Green Tea Can, Buckwheat Coffee, Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea) you would like to get. 🙂

Giveaway ends 31 January 2016, 12 noon. Winners will be contacted via the email address used to leave the comment and a meet up will be arranged.

Here are the expiry dates:

SGVegan_Buckwheat Green Tea Expiry
Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea
SGVegan_Buckwheat Coffee Expiry
Buckwheat Coffee
SGVegan_Buckwheat Can Expiry
Buckwheat Green Tea Can

If you would like to purchase the BHP Buckwheat products for your family members, you can head on down to: http://www.buckwheat.com.sg/products/buckwheat-products.html to make an order. Delivery is free, no minimum order, and you receive your products very fast too! Otherwise they can be found in most medical halls.

There is currently a very special price exclusive gift hamper set you can order for your family members. It comes shrink wrapped with the plastic gift tray:

Buckwheat Exclusive Gift Basket
Buckwheat Exclusive Gift Basket @ $88 (valid till 29 Feb 2016)

Do note that the Buckwheat Chia cookies contain butter and eggs and are therefore not suitable for vegans. However, the reasoning behind the Buckwheat Chia cookies is that kidney patients are unable to consume much fluids so drinking Buckwheat Green Tea/Coffee will not be suitable for them.


Removing sugar from my diet the GlucosCare® way

Since I’ve returned from my most recent trip from Sydney, my close friends would know that I have adopted a more stringent diet.

The reason why I adopted this stringent diet is because I went for a colonic irrigation. In fact, I had 2 sessions of colonic irrigation done in a span of 5 days. I was blessed that the last colonic irrigation I had done was by Anna, who is a very experienced Colon Therapist veteran.

During the course of my colonic, Anna initiated a chat over my diet, my blood type and dished out some crucial information suitable for me regarding the types of food I should avoid, and the types of food I should adopt within my diet. Thanks to her chiding, and a change in my mindset (I want to have a healthier diet!), I decided to take the plunge to give this diet a shot. I thought: “Since my colon is cleaner now, I might as well do my best keep it that way!”

Amongst the list of things that Anna mentioned, what struck me the most was removing sugar from my diet. This was not an easy task for me. Previously, I tried to cut down on sugar as I knew sugar was the main cause of weight gain and tooth decay. It was only after the chat with Anna that I learnt some new facts:

  • Sugar that reaches the large intestine may ferment, causing discomfort and pain.
  • Sugar causes constipation.
  • Sugar is a risk factor in cancer of the small intestine.
  • Sugar can suppress your immune system.
  • Regular excess of sugar over time will result in clogging up blood vessels and subsequently cause diabetes.

The list goes on and on, however, I’ll just include this photo taken from a Sugar & Fructose Guide by Stefan Mager which I bought from Go Vita, a health food store in Katoomba (Blue Mountains).

30 ways sugar can impact on health_SGVegan

However, it was not easy to avoid obvious sources of sugar as they are present even in herbal drinks and are added into food that are available outside such as green bean soup. Hence it was to my pleasant surprise (1 month back) when I opened my email to see that Pin Pin contacted me to blog about 2 products that are suitable for vegetarians.

Initially I was a bit apprehensive until I read the description about GlucosCare® Tea – it was exactly what I was needed to cut down on the excess sugar that I may have consumed on certain days.

Just a bit of background:

GlucosCare® Tea is a 100% natural herbal tea that has been in the market for more than 15 years (! – wow, I didn’t know that fact). It is scientifically formulated from 2 botanical herb plants – Gymnema Sylvestre (60%) and Camellia Sinensis (40%). The latter is commonly known to us as chinese green tea, added for its antioxidant benefits in cell and tissue maintenance. Now, the former, (Indian) Gymnema Sylvestre, is literally known as “sugar blocker” in Sanskrit, is a herb that is native to the tropical forests of Southern and Central India and Sri Lanka.

GlucosCare® Tea_SGVegan_Teabag

So, how does GlucosCare® Tea work?

GlucosCare® Tea_SGVegan_How it works

As seen from the photo, the green ovals are GlucosCare® tea molecules, pink ovals are Glucose molecules and the brown base (look harder, not that easy to spot right away) are the sugar receptors in our gastro intestinal track. Since both GlucosCare® tea molecules, and glucose molecules have similar molecular structures, the GlucosCare® tea molecules blocks some of the sugar receptors, thus allowing the body not to fully absorb all the glucose.

It is particularly good for people with diabetes! And weight and health conscious consumers (I fall in the latter category).

Why is this good?

In our modern diet, there are lots of hidden sugar within our food. Especially when we eat out. Particularly, starchy food such as potatoes, bread, pasta and rice are carbohydrates. Our digestive system changes carbohydrates to glucose (blood sugar)  which is used as energy for our cells, tissue and organs. However, any extra sugar is stored in the liver (fatty liver!) and muscles for any future needs. For the majority of us who are fortunate to have enough to eat, this extra sugar is never used up, resulting in an increase in weight.

Anyway, I decided to try this tea out. Being in a teabag form, I find that it is very convenient for me to bring it about with me as I travel. It is light, but yet is a safe and effective natural product that I enjoyed drinking.

It tastes really good, like a normal tea. And the best thing is, I get to cut down on my sugar intake!! (Another plus point is that I get more energized during the days I drink the tea, increasing my productivity!)

With my healthier diet, regular exercise (Zumba twice a week, occasional (hot) yoga sessions) and 1x GlucosCare® Tea per day (after meals), after less than 1 month, I unknowingly shed about 1 – 2kg off my weight! 🙂 (not like I needed to lose weight, haha)

GlucosCare® has won the Singapore Brand Prestige Award under the Regional Brands category in 2011, so you can rest assure that this is a good brand. They are available on Facebook too, so you can “like” them to receive healthy updates!

GlucosCare® have also conducted clinical tests done in China, India and Bangladesh (as mentioned in a video by Mr Joe Fam, the founder of GlucosCare International Pte Ltd, featured on Channel News Asia’s Branded for Success) and currently in Singapore and Serbia.

GlucosCare® is available at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, selected FairPrice, OG, Mustafa, National Health Group polyclinics & selected Chinese Medical Halls.

P.S.: I found the 60 tea bags pack with promotion of 25% extra tea bags ( = 15 tea bags!) retailing at NTUC Fairprice Pasir Ris below:

GlucosCare® Tea_SGVegan

And… at NTUC (Fairprice Finest) Xtra Jurong Point:

GlucosCare®_SGVegan_NTUC_Jurong Point

If however, you are busy and would like to order it online and get it sent to you, it is available on the online platform, www.imart.com.sg

Delivery is free for orders above $50 and GlucosCare® Tea is going for… S$66.50/2 boxes of 60! So its very worth it.

Not all the products are suitable for vegetarians, however, the Spirulina Soy is vegetarian!

…to be introduced in a later post! 🙂