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SGVegan_LoveInBread Groupon Deal

SGVegan_LoveInBread Groupon Deal

For a limited time period:

Busting the Stubborn Flab at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals

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Ladies and gentlemen!


Have you ever felt bloated?

Want to remove those stubborn fats at the tummy but they just don’t seem to disappear?

Want to have improved digestion and eliminate constipation?


Or do you just want to curl up in bed every month when periods come?

SGVegan_Hot water bottle

Jamu is a natural, traditional remedy from Indonesia. Made from natural herbs and spices, Jamu has been practiced throughout Indonesia’s history, be it for medicinal or aesthetic uses, male or female.



Introducing the Jamu Tummy Slimming Treatment at Crystal Maiden.

Compared to other Jamu treatments elsewhere, Crystal Maiden’s Jamu treatment is specifically targeted at the tummy area.

The Jamu slimming powder used at Crystal Maiden is made with a nourishing rice powder base and a traditional blend of herbs and spices for a unique thermal slimming treatment. In addition, Crystal Maiden added Chuan Ciao (Grounded Szechuan Pepper) and Chilli Powder for that extra boost of heat! :)

So, how does a Jamu treatment at Crystal Maiden work?

First off, we have to strip! *winks*

There will be a disposable dark blue panty provided, and towels to cover your legs and feet to ensure you are kept warm. In addition, a small towel is provided for ladies for modesty. :)

Only when you’re ready, do you inform the female therapist that she can enter. She will start off first by cleansing the skin at your tummy. They will also exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub. This will then allow the better absorption of the Jamu ampoule and paste.

Now, the Jamu ampoule, will be applied on the tummy.

It is formulated with Minyak Serai and Wintergreen Massage Oil for an effective, traditional warming relief for muscle aches and pains.

Jamu Ampoule Ingredients:

  • Minyak Serai
    • Traditional blend consisting of Citronella oil, Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil
  • Wintergreen Massage Oil
    • Most popularly known for its pain relief properties. But it also aids in removing excess water, fat and salt from the body, thus helping with water retention, and aiding in weight loss

During this process, the therapist will be able to “feel” your digestive system as they massage your tummy area. They will engage you also in a conversation regarding your dietary intake and habits, and share some suggestions as to how you can improve your digestive health. All tailored to the individual. :)

Finally, the therapist will quickly pop out of the room to add warm water to the Jamu Thermal Slimming Powder and apply it as a paste to the tummy area.

Jamu Thermal Slimming Powder Ingredients:

  • Rice and Glutinous Rice
    • Emollient and exfoliation properties to keep skin supple
  • Chuan Ciao Powder
    • Warms the body and alleviate pain
  • Chilli
    • Warms the body and boosts metabolism and circulation
  • Cumin
    • A general tonic; it increases heat in the body and boosts metabolism
  • Coriander
    • Detoxifying and antiseptic properties to heal dryness and skin disorders
  • Cinnamon
    • Relieves symptoms of cold and fever and abdominal discomfort caused by excess gas
  • White Pepper
    • Warms the body and helps to stimulate circulation
  • Fennel
    • Soothing, cleansing and toning effect on skin

Now, the therapist will wrap a few layers of cling wrap around your tummy. This will be followed by a heated pad wrapped around the tummy area for the next 10-15 minutes.

During this period, you can grab the chance to snooze – which I did! I always feel more recharged after the 40 winks! :)

If you have entered dream land like me, the therapist at Crystal Maiden will quietly enter the room, and with a slight slow pressure movement, gently arouse you from your induced stupor.

She will then proceed to remove the heat pad, cling wrap and Jamu paste, before massaging the remaining Jamu ampoule to your tummy area.

At Crystal Maiden, the therapists do not just leave the room immediately. They will gently aid your rise from the lying position to the sitting position. And a series of quick back massages to kick start the blood circulation around the body.

My thoughts:

After undergoing 8 x once-a-week sessions of Jamu treatments at Crystal Maiden, I could really sense the difference in my tummy, and digestive system.

I am thankful that I do not have menstrual cramp every month. But I do suffer from bloating and water retention.

After the Jamu treatments, I find that tummy is not as bloated as before, and my periods come more easily than before. In addition, it is much easier when heading to the loo for a number two.

I always believe that the digestive system (read: colon) is very important to good health. All diseases in the body generally start from the colon as the colon is the rubbish bin of the body. If one does not keep the colon clean, the colon is unable to effectively eliminate the wastes and toxins from the body, resulting in these bad things building up within the body.

If you would like to burn the stubborn fats at the tummy, combine the Jamu treatments with core exercises for the abs. My tummy fats were “softer” after the Jamu treatment, which means, the fats are soften and if core abs exercises are done during this period, this will be an easier journey to a well-defined tummy.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a Jamu appointment with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals now! :)

PS: SGVegan readers get a super exclusive price when you quote SGVegan. Promise!

Orchard outlet:

150 Orchard Road
Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841
Tel: 6735 4540

[Lucky Pick] Lunch with Friends at Xin En Vegetarian


Dear SGVegan readers,

SGVegan receives media invites for food tasting.

I would like to invite you, my readers, to lunch at Xin En Vegetarian on 20 Sept 2014, 2-3pm 12-1pm.

SGVegan_Meal with Friends

SGVegan_Meal with Friends

To receive an exclusive invite to this free lunch food trying event, leave a comment below by 17 Sept 2014, 2359hrs :)

An email will be sent those who will be joining us for lunch by 18 Sept 2014.


心恩素食 Xin En Vegetarian
710 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120710
Normal Operations on Monday to Saturday;
Alternate Sundays, 1st and 15th of Lunar months

[Update] New Korean Veg Option Available at The Soup Spoon


Red alert!

The Soup Spoon just launched a Korean menu.

Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae (as pictured) is vegetarian (no onion/garlic).

You can inform the service crew to omit the egg and it will be vegan. This was confirmed via The Soup Spoon’s Facebook page here.

Have an enjoyable meal and let me know if its yummy! :)

SGVegan_Spicy Kimchi Dubu Doenjang Jjigae @ The Soup Spoon

Supercharge Your Life – Learn Tips to Live Healthier…for Free!

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How do you improve your life?

  • No more body aches.
  • No more pain.
  • Get a better body – ooo, lean, mean and fit yeah!
  • Lose weight, and maintain it?
  • Feel good?
  • Look good?
  • Reduce illnesses and diseases?
  • Live a life filled with energy, passion and purpose!!!

There is an upcoming seminar, called Supercharge Your Life.

SGVegan is a firm believer in living healthily. This event would help you improve your life! Very worth it to go.


Skip, a competitive gymnast broke his back. And yet he was able to rise back up again to compete as a gymnast with a healed broken back….all within 18 months!

He has coached people like Sir Richard Branson, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tony Robbins!

Well, enough of that. What matters most is our own mindset. It is our mindset that determines our health. And Skip would be the best person we can pick his brains on for such tips!

Tracy Wong, the Director of Marketing with Wealth Mentors, owns the Loving Hut outlets in Malaysia. She is really passionate in helping people live to their highest potential…and going vegan is the best way. Wealth Mentors have specially brought in Skip to share with us his secrets to heal our bodies naturally….!

I can’t wait to be able to learn from Skip! And pick his brains…YUM – haha!

It will be a 2 day training event to change your mindset and improve your life.

13-14 September 2014, 9am-6pm
Location: Furama City Centre (Chinatown)

Tickets are worth S$2,500 – you can attend for free if you register via this link:

Remember to register now as tickets are really going fast.

Here’s a bunch of us vegans – we attended Joel Bauer’s Passion2Profit with yummy delicious vegan food for lunch that seriously made non-vegetarians consider going vegetarian! (Serious claim that was gushed out spontaneously by the people below who partook in our vegan lunch.)



I can’t wait to see you at the event and here’s a toast to a healthier lifestyle! :)

2014: Vegan options in Starbucks Singapore


Here’s the latest heathier living update from Starbucks:

I have relook at our list and we will like to share with you that these drinks are vegan friendly:-

·         Freshly brewed coffee & Tazo Full Leaf Tea

·         Espresso based beverages (such as Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Vanilla Latte (or other flavoured syrup) with soy milk and no whip cream.

               -except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Macchiato (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Macchiato)

·         Tea beverages – Tea Lattes (English breakfast, earl grey with soy milk), Green Tea Latte with soy milk, Tazo® Shaken Iced Lemon Passion Tea/ Green Tea

·         Classic Hot chocolate with Soy Milk and no whip cream

I have clarified that the powder we used to make classic hot chocolate does not contain egg and dairy. 

(just ensure that you do not order our signature hot chocolate as this does contain dairy)

(10 Sept 2014 Update: “The classic hot chocolate is actually not on our drinks menu but we are to prepare it upon request.”)

·         Frappuccino (such as Coffee, Espresso, Mocha) with soy milk and no whip cream.

-except White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Frappuccino (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Frappuccino)

·         Tea Based Frappuccinos : Mango Passionfruit Blended Juice Drink, Raspberry Blackcurrant Blended Juice Drink

·         Our current promotional drinks – Lemon Ginger Fizzio with Mango Jelly Sparkling Beverage, Passion Tea Lemonade Fizzio with Hibiscus Jelly Sparkling Beverage.

Vegan friendly food:

·         Plain bagel

·         Cinnamon raisin bagel

·         Multigrain bagel

·         Chewy Granola, fruits & Nut

·         Perfect Oatmeal

·         Vegetable Pattie Capricciosa Sandwich (10 Sept 2014 Update: “no longer available on our menu”)

·         Tofu Salad with Salsa Sauce (only at Starbucks Novena Hospital / Raffles Hospital)

Hope this information help.

Well, I hope the above reply from the Customer Service Office at Starbucks helps. Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

PS: Do remember to subscribe to SGVegan on the top right corner of this page to receive the latest healthier living news, happenings and giveaways in Singapore! :)

[Punch Detox] Cold-pressed organic juice at a steal…for the first 50!

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SGVegan_Punch Detox at Flutes

SGVegan_Punch Detox Juices

Over the weekend, I was invited to a juice pairing with healthy food tasting event @ Flutes Restaurant, organised by Punch Detox.

Punch Detox uses the best juicer (Norwalk Juicer) to cold-press the juices from organic produce.

Here’s sharing with you all a limited promotion:

From now till the end of September, the first 50 customers will get to enjoy 1-for-1 with each purchase of the three-day cleanse, at an attractive price of $165 per person. More information available here:

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