[Mr Bean} Products suitable for Vegans

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2 weeks back I enquired with Mr Bean with regards to items that are suitable for vegans. I received their reply last week:

Below are some items listed that are suitable for Vegan and do let me know if you need any more info or clarifications. :)

  • Classic Soya Milk
  • Classic Beancurd
  • 3-in-1 Riceballs
  • Silk Soya Pudding
  • Vegetarian Soya porridge
  • All soya beverage except Icy Chocolate, Icy Mocha, Matcha Azuki, Mango Tango and Viet Coffee.

[Vines and Roots] Soothing Body Oil with Lavender and Neroli Review

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SGVegan was chosen as part of an exclusive group of talented beauty and lifestyle bloggers to test and review a series of green products from Vines and Roots.

SGVegan_Vines and Roots logo

SGVegan_Vines and Roots logo

The very 1st star product from Vines and Roots body range is…

Soothing Body Oil with Lavender and Neroli :)

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil

The Soothing Body Oil contains only 100% pure plant extracts and organic essential oils (English Lavender and Rose Geranium) packed with many therapeutic active compounds. Neroli oil is a superfood (!) for the skin as it regenerates skin cells, promotes smooth skin and restores broken capillaries. This means it is particularly suitable for mature skin as it heals scars and stretch-marks.

Plus, its vegan friendly! No animals were harmed for beauty ^-^

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil Ingredients

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil Ingredients

So, I decided to try it on the boyfriend as seen from the photo above.

He just ran 10km and had a shower (recommended to apply after a shower or bath).

I noticed he has some really visible capillaries beneath his skin. Probably the result of training for the upcoming 42km Standard Chartered Marathon.

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil (before and after)

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil (before and after)

As you can see from the before/after pic, right after the Soothing Body Oil is absorbed into the skin, I noticed that the capillaries are not so visible.

Plus, the Soothing Body Oil absorbs really rapidly into the skin, leaving a subtle satin sheen. Definitely good for ladies if we apply it onto our legs after a day of high heels..!

According to the features and benefits I was sent, this was to be expected.

  • Contains only 100% pure plant extracts and organic essential oils packed with many therapeutic active compounds
  • Hydrates, replenishes moisture and leaves skin supple
  • Intensively balances and nourishes skin, stimulating it to regenerate and repair without clogging pores
  • Lightweight formula which absorbs instantly into skin, and leaves a subtle satin sheen – no greasy residue
  • Calming and mood-lifting
  • Pleasant natural scent with a blend of citrus and floral notes
  • Does not contain artificial fragrances, preservatives and colorants
  • Non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating

Plus, it was a nice and calming back massage for the boyfriend. We felt pampered by the scent as it has hints of “atas-nes” (Singlish: high-class) to it (smells like rose) which soothes and relaxes the both of us. Although the scent was strong, it was not overpowering and sickly. Highly recommended for both genders! :)

In addition, what I really like about Vines and Roots Body Oil is their choice of packaging! Its a safe and eco-friendly packaging to minimise environmentally unfriendly packaging. In fact, I noticed it was easy to dispense the oil by simply giving the bottle a light shake downwards. :)

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Packaging

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Packaging

Vines and Roots Soothing Body Oil is currently retailing @ S$68 on their online store here.

If you purchase this Soothing Body Oil before 30 November 2014, you will receive a complimentary 100% Natural Insect Repellent from Pure Beginnings (UP: S$9). :)

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Promo

SGVegan_Vines and Roots Promo

Check out Vines and Roots Facebook page here too!

PS: Do note that there is a slight discrepancy on the front label. The ingredients list is accurate and reflects that the only organic ingredients are English Lavender and Rose Geranium. There is also no Valerian present in the new improved formulation. Vines and Roots thanked me for picking up the discrepancies and they have promised to ensure corrective changes are reflected in their next batch of Body Oils. 

[City Square Mall] Food Bank Box for Donating Excess Food

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Have excess food at home?

Not sure what to do with it?

How about dropping it off at City Square Mall’s latest Food Bank Box? This helps both the underprivileged in Singapore, as well as doing a part for Mother Earth! :)

In collaboration with The Food Bank Singapore Ltd, City Square Mall has added Food Bank Boxes for the public to donate our non-perishable and excess food items to the needy. You can read more about why having this Food Bank Box helps Mother Earth below.

So what are suitable food items you can donate?

  • Non-perishable food
  • Unopened
  • Unused
  • At least 4 weeks of shelf life

Examples of acceptable items: Canned food, dried food, preserved food, staples, snacks, condiments, non-refrigerated beverages

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall - Acceptable Food Items

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall – Acceptable Food Items

Location: Level 2, besides the Customer Service Counter (City Square Mall is located at 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539. near Farrer Park MRT station)

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall - Level 2 besides the Customer Service Counter (credit to City Square Mall)

SGVegan_Food Bank Box at City Square Mall – Level 2 besides the Customer Service Counter (credit to City Square Mall)

I for one am glad that there is an additional recycling bin, specially for food at City Square Mall. With already present recyling bins for general waste (cans, plastic, paper, trash) and cosmetics (facial products, make-up removers, shampoos, shower foams, body lotions, City Square Mall is worthy of being known as Singapore’s first eco-friendly mall! Now my only hope is that they have a vegetarian store available at the food court…heehee :)

How does Food Box Bank help Mother Earth?

Did you know 2180 tonnes of food are dumped every day? That’s the equivalent of 110 double decker buses!

We are often guilty of buying too much food or receive lots of snacks during Christmas which would otherwise be wasted when they are left to expire on our shelves at home. The Food Bank Singapore has set up a Food Bank Box at City Square Mall to collect these items which would then be shared with Family Service Centres, Soup Kitchens and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).

Spread the word and let’s help the needy (and environment)! :)

[Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead] Movie Premiere 3rd December 2014 @ GV Vivo Max 7-9pm

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World Premiere Tour of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead #2 will be screening in Singapore on 3rd December 2014 (Wednesday).

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

Joe Cross, the main protagonist will be here in person!

He did a 60 day fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast and changed his health completely.

If you have been battling with your food and health everyday, this would be a great premiere to note down in your diary.

It is not easy to become healthy, and it is tougher to stay healthy.

Early bird tickets are currently available here at S$49. You can also get them on Eventbrite (they do charge a commission for ticket sales) but I do hope you can support the running of SGVegan by purchasing it through my affiliate link instead. With the small commission I would be getting through the purchase of the tickets, SGVegan would be able to share more goodies with the community. :)

Do note that every ticket comes with a healthy goodie bag worth more than S$50! :)

Although the event starts at 7pm, festivities start from 6pm. Meet the man in person and ask your questions!

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

SGVegan_Fat Sick and Nearly Dead SG Premiere @ Vivo GV

Here’s my link to get your (early bird) tickets.

If you have a group of 50 and more, please feel free to contact SGVegan @ sgvegan.wordpress@gmail.com so that you can enjoy 10% discount off your tickets!

Here’s the trailer:


See you there :)

2014: Vegan Christmas Drinks at Starbucks Singapore


A healthier drinking option @ Starbucks for Christmas.

SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014

SGVegan_Starbucks Christmas 2014

Reply from Starbucks:

I have check our Christmas promotional drinks – you can order these 2 drinks (customise it to be vegan friendly)

  • Toffee nut latte – you can order it with soy milk and no espresso caramel whipped cream
  • Peppermint mocha – you can order it with soy milk and no whip cream

I remember that I used to like Toffee Nut Latte when I had a sweet tooth. Nowadays, its Peppermint Mocha for me. I order my drinks with less if not no sugar pumps.

Enjoy :)

How about the usual Starbucks drinks veganised? Check out the list here.

I had previously blogged about my favorite customised Starbucks drink here.

[Update] Vegan Korean Option available (again) at The Soup Spoon

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Previously, The Soup Spoon had Spicy Vegan Kimchi Tofu Stew option which was vegan.

They then un-veganized it, due to the batch of Kimchi which contained anchovies. Zz

Now, they removed the Kimchi and tada…, the Spicy Tofu Stew is born! :)

SGVegan_Spicy Vegan Tofu Stew

SGVegan_Spicy Vegan Tofu Stew

There is a promo now too:

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Korea Draw

SGVegan_The Soup Spoon Korea Draw

Organic Facial Promo Trial at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals

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Since my first post in October last year (wow, its been 1 year already!), I have been having organic facials at local holistic salon Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals at least once a month.

Facials using organic products, particularly brand “P” used at Crystal Maiden is of 100% certified COSMEBIO natural organic origin (France) with ZERO synthetic ingredients. An organic facial using “P” has a natural scent from the ingredients, like an aromatherapy relaxation session that I always fall asleep snugly every facial session.

I cannot overemphasise the importance (and benefits) of an organic facial.

But most importantly, there has been a positive difference in my skin (loving the more even glow) and I look forward to maintaining it! :)

Recently, I’ve not been taking my photos of myself, so do pardon the unglam photo on the right as its the only photo which shows a reasonable amount of my face.

It was taken by a friend during one of the potlucks I organised at a friend’s place in August this year. I just sweated buckets of perspiration prior to the unknown-to-me impromptu snapping of this photo.

SGVegan_Less than a year

SGVegan_Less than a year

Some of you may be aware that World Vegan Month (November) and World Vegan Day (1 November) is approaching. As such, in conjunction with Crystal Maiden, SGVegan readers get to try out an organic crystal facial at a very special deal of S$68 (UP: S$128). Valid till 30 November 2014.

In addition, SGVegan readers get to enjoy 5% off all organic packages and products at Crystal Maiden. Simply quote “Amanda from SGVegan” to enjoy this fabulous deal.

Crystal Maiden is conveniently located at Level 2 of Orchard Plaza (just next to OG Orchard, 5mins walk from Somerset MRT).

What are you waiting for?

Quickly contact Crystal Maiden @ 6735 4540 or 9092 2807 to schedule your organic crystal facial trial with them now!

SGVegan_Crystal Maiden #02-23

SGVegan_Crystal Maiden #02-23

Orchard outlet:
150 Orchard Road
Orchard Plaza
#02-23 Singapore 238841
Tel: 6735 4540


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