[Pure Tincture] PAI Skin Confidence Facials – Premier Organic range set for Sensitive skin types, with therapeutic Acupressure techniques

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People with sensitive skin; look no further!

Pure Tincture is the only facial studio in Singapore to offer PAI facials.

It is a great facial treatment that utilises clean and gentle organic products for a high performance facial, without the risk of irritation.

Now, even the sensitive ones can enjoy a good facial without any fear of breaking out! :)



Just a brief background on PAI:

“In devising its bespoke sensitive skin facials, PAI has enlisted the skills of celebrated New York facialist, Sia Parlog. Sia’s impressive CV

carries glowing references from the likes of Halle Berry and Allure Magazine. She has dedicated her life to the science of skincare and her particular expertise lies in facial acupoint massage. 

The facials will showcase Pai’s hero retail products alongside exclusive high performance professional developments, including the breakthrough BioAffinity Toners, deeply detoxifying Himanthalia & Sea Fennel Decongesting Face Mask and instantly uplifting Echium & Perilla BioRejuvenate Oil.”

I was extended a media invite to try out PAI’s facial at Pure Tincture. There are 2 facial types available for different skin types.

  1. Detox & Decongest for Oily, Combination skin prone to sensitivity;
  2. Restore & Rejuvenate for Dry, Mature skin prone to sensitivity

As my skin is prone to dryness (thankfully no acne!), I was recommended and tried out the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI Facial.

Here’s more information on the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI Facial (80mins):

Packed full of the essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9) required for skin suppleness and regeneration, this facial revitalises lacklustre skin to reveal a firm and youthful complexion. 

Innovative massage techniques target key muscles acupoints, particularly around the cheekbones and the jaw line for an enhanced lifting effect.

Core ingredients include:

  • Hydrating and calming Lotus water keeps sensitive skin soothed throughout.
  • Echium, the rejuvenating “wonder ingredient” that intensively conditions the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines.
  • Perilla oil delivers a highly concentrated source of Alpha-Linolenic Acid which enhances skin elasticity. This oil is also highly effective at eliminating facial redness.
  • Creamy Cupuacu butter promotes deep and long lasting conditioning and hydration.

My thoughts about the Restore & Rejuvenate PAI facial?

My inner double eyelids became double eyelids after the facial, which makes my eyes look wider. Dark eye circles were less dark.

Also, I can feel that my cheeks are lifted. I saw too, that I had a pinkish flush at my cheeks, as if I used a blusher. People who met me that day thought I look 10 years younger!

I guess it is because of the therapeutic acupressure techniques used. I felt completely relaxed during the facial session. As I tend to have chubby cheeks, I was pleasantly surprised that during the facial, the therapist focused on my cheeks and jawline without me having to tell her, which is perfect.

And for those who tend to have oily, combination skin that is sensitive, the Detox & Decongest PAI facial (80mins) is for you!

Expertly sourced natural-active ingredients gently purify and rebalance combination and congested skin, resulting in a clear and healthy complexion.

Core ingredients include:

  • Mineral-rich Himanthalia Sea Algae with its strong sebum-balancing complex.
  • Hypoallergenic Ghassoul clay draws out impurities and blackheads while depositing essential nutrients.
  • Rice water vitamins and amino acids rebalance moisture levels and enhance skin tone.
  • Sea Fennel and Rosehip calm and protect sensitive skin throughout.

So what is so special about the acupressure techniques used in the PAI facials?

All Pai Facials will incorporate therapeutic Acupressure techniques. The stimulation of key facial acupoints relieves stress, increases blood flow, and flushes toxins from the skin. Specialist eye massage and a rigorous facial massage leave skin firmer, brighter and together achieve a ‘bright- eyed, wide awake’ look. 

Here’s the current promotion available for Pure Tincture facials:

To celebrate our recognition in SimplyHer Smart Shoppers Award 2014, we are giving away FREE GIFTS.

Choice of:
(1) Pai Skin Brightening Exfoliator 30ml ($50) or
(2) sukispa Moisturizer and Toner 7.5ml in white organic cotton pouch ($45)

with any facial* booked in April 2014. 

* Facial can be paid in April and complete later by June 2014.

Exclusively for SGVegan readers!

30% off PAI Face Confidence Facial @ $112 (usual $160)

* Must be 1st timers with Pure Tincture
* Valid till 6 July 2014

** Note that SGVegan readers can only opt for either OPTION 1 or 2.

Email in to Pure Tincture Customer Service at cs@puretincture.com to schedule your appointment. Or you can give them a ring at 6337 6411. Make sure to quote “SGVegan” to be entitled to 30% off your PAI facial.

Pure Tincture is located at:
1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #B1-10
Singapore 179803
(Go down the steps, left of the bridal store.)

[LINS Smoodees by The Healing Concierge] Media Launch

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A 15min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT was an attempt by us, in the unrelenting sweltering hot heat of Singapore, to reach Valley Point by 1pm for a media launch event.

Organised by Adeline, The Healing Concierge (THC) extended a media launch lunch menu to SGVegan. A completely raw menu, made from living organic fruits and vegetables. Together with some awesome people from The Business Times, intheLoop etc, we partook in a mindful lunch/demo event that lasted 2 hours.

I invited Yi Shen, my Xiao Di whom I came to know through SGVegan, to join me for his first ever completely raw meal.

It took us a while to find THC as we entered Valley Point from the back entrance. However, if one enters through the main entrance, THC is clearly visible.


As we were early, we had a chance to sit down, catch our breath, calm down and quietly observe our surroundings.

SGVegan_THC inside

Adeline started us off by giving a quick demo on how a Green Smoodee (Popeye) is blended, so that we have something delicious to quench our thirst.

SGVegan_THC Adeline SGVegan_THC Welcome Drink

We were then served with the starters, THC Salad + Nori Sushi. I personally love raw sushi. Yum yum.

SGVegan_THC Starters

Although visually appealing, the Green Energy Soup required an adaption of our tastebuds and mind over our concept of “soup”. I heard this tastes much better if it was fresh out of the blender. Shall look forward to next try!

SGVegan_THC Green Energy Soup

Here’s the main:

SGVegan_THC Main before

After mixing it up, the Cucumber Pesto Pasta was not that dry.

SGVegan_THC Main after

I’ve really missed Pesto a lot since going vegan 4.5 years back. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the tantalising evoking taste.

Finally ending off with a dessert of Liquid Cleanse Sample Shots.

SGVegan_THC Dessert
From left to right: Master Cleanse (Fresh Lemonade), Purify (Green Juicee), Nutrify (Fruit Nut Smoodee)

It was a great lunch, to be able to eat in mindful silence. I particularly enjoyed the experience.

For my dearest vegetarian Xiao Di, this was what he messaged me the next day:

“Don’t know why, after the full raw lunch yesterday, I keep on going to toilet. I mean, I do go toilet everyday but its more than usual. The lunch yesterday was full charged of FIBRE. Not bad la, just I’m not used to eating raw foods.” Yi Shen, 21

If you’re interested in mindful eating, Purely Lunch, a truly nutritional experience, requires a minimum of 2 to start, lasting for ~3hours, at $50/pax.

Currently, THC is running a promo at the moment, for Smoodear card of 12 bottles at $72. This works out to be $6/bottle. Comprising only of raw, living organic ingredients.

To find out more information about the lunch, and promo, do check out THC’s Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/TheHealingConcierge?fref=ts

The Healing Concierge
491 River Valley Road, Valley Point,
#01-13, Singapore 248371
Tel: 6438 4123

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7.30am – 6pm
Weekends 1pm – 5pm

[Giveaway] Kwan Im Cake by Delcie’s Desserts

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Tomorrow is the 15th day of the Buddhist calendar.

On this auspicious day, Kwan Im Cake, a concept brand by Delcie’s Desserts will be distributing 10,000 free 5 color element lotus flower cakes to the public on its opening launch. (Check out my other post on Delcie’s Desserts here.)

SGVegan_Kwan Im Cake Giveaway

Unlike most cakes which are offered (they are laden full with preservatives, making it unsuitable for consumption), these 5 color element lotus flower cakes by Kwan Im Cake are made with healthy ingredients, making it both suitable for offering to the deities (offer the best!) and also, for personal consumption.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medication, consuming all-vegetables 5 Elements [Wu Xing] coloured food would significantly reduce the risk of cancer, reduce cholesterol and has anti-constipation properties.

Below are the 5 Super Food ingredients used in this lotus flower cake:

SGVegan_5 Element

Metal – White – Coconut (The Tree of Life)
Wood – Green – Pumpkin Seeds (Nature’s Gift to Humans – The Only Seed that is Alkaline-Forming)
Water – Black – Chia Seeds (The Ancient Food of the Future)
Fire – Red – Goji Berries (Chinese’s Longevity Tonic)
Earth – Yellow – Turmeric (Nature’s Most Powerful Healer)

Other healthy ingredients not listed above are flaxseed, apple cider vinegar and brown rice milk.

The dates of free lotus flower cake distribution are as follows:

Besides giving away 10,000 cakes to the public, Kwan Im Cakes will also be supporting Ren Ci Hospital.

This uniquely Singapore 5 color element lotus flower cake is eggless, dairy free, diabetic friendly and is made using the 5 Elements [Wu Xing] method, which has many health benefits including anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol properties.

Head down for your free 5 color element lotus flower cake! I will be, do say hi if you spot me. :)

Kwan Im Cake is located at:
190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-28B
Singapore, Singapore 188979
Phone: 6333 9684 / 9789 2309
Email: sales@kwanimcake.com
Website: http://www.kwanimcake.com

SGVegan Treatment Giveaway: Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals


Last year, on 16 Nov 2013, SGVegan successfully organised an organic spa party, together with Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals during the World Vegan Month (November).

For those who are interested to know what makes Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals so special, check out my previous post here.

Anyway, after the organic spa party last year, 3 winners walked away with lucky draw prizes. Thank you all for your support! :)

Due to highly popular demand from those of you who were unable to make it last year, Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals will be specially offering vegan trial treatments for
10 x SGVegan readers.

SGVegan Treatment Giveaway

Treatment Giveaway:

WIN SGVegan trial treatment! 10 winners will be chosen.

How to win:

Step 1:  ‘Like’ Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CrystalMaidenSkin

Step 2: Leave a comment on this blogpost and tell me why you want to try a vegan organic facial at Crystal Maiden Skin Professionals.

Giveaway ends 16 March 2014, 23:59. Winners will be notified via email.

SGVegan Friend Bomb

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So something amazing has just happened on the Facebook page, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Brendon Theo just posted this up and it went viral, thanks Brendon!

SGVegan_Vegan Friend Bomb

And I just received a wonderful email sent all the way from Germany from a new subscriber to SGVegan.

I really love the concept of a Vegan Friend Bomb on Facebook and the connection that we make with one another, even if its just a virtual one.

For myself, since I started SGVegan, I have connected with more vegans in Singapore, and around the world, though we may not have met each other, I really like the energy and support of the community. Lets keep it up! ^^

So, if you wanna join in the Vegan Friend Bomb movement, please feel free to add me (Amanda Teng). :)

SGVegan Workshop?

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Hello SGVegan readers!

Readers have indicted their interest to me to run a workshop on the “Top 10 Chemicals You Should Avoid“. As consumers, we are conscious about what we consume. Some of us have chosen to go on a vegetarian diet for health reasons. Others, choose to go pesticide free (and GMO free too) by opting for organic as much as possible.

I am thinking of conducting a practical workshop, where I will equip you with the skill on how to read food and skincare labels, beyond what the company claim(s) and what is actually in the product. This will be based on actual examples of products found in the Singapore market.

I will also provide you with a list of common chemicals you should avoid and why these will harm your body both in the short and long term. This will be in the form of a booklet.

As the focus of this workshop would be on skincare and beauty, I will provide some examples of safer skincare brands.

Participants can look forward to being a more conscious consumer after the course of this workshop.

Details regarding the actual cost, date, time and venue of the workshop will be released at a later date if there is sufficient interest.

I would very much appreciate it if you can indicate your interest to attend this SGVegan workshop by participating in the poll below. Thanks! :)

[Interview] SGVegan’s Interview on Vegeasian: What It’s Like To Be Vegan in Singapore


Hello SGVegan readers!

Its been 2 years and a month since SGVegan was started. I thank you all for your support. SGVegan strives to share with you reviews on organic food, health and beauty products. Not forgetting, reviews of wellness procedures too, such as facials. I wish you all a pleasant happy year ahead. Do watch out for upcoming giveaways! *hint hint*

I would like to share an interview I did with Angela from Vegeasian.com. My interview is Part 4 of a four part series, conducted last year at the end November, the World Vegan Month. This interview with Angela is on how veganism extends beyond food and into everyday products. I am grateful that Angela gave me the opportunity to share more about how being vegan extends beyond the food aspect. Thanks Angela!

I hope the below excerpt of the interview is useful. Do head to Angela’s blog (link at end of article) if you’re interested to hear the podcast, and if you have any queries, please do leave a comment below! :)


Interview With Amanda Teng

SGVegan_Vegeasian Interview

Angela: Hey Amanda, veganism seems to go beyond food and into customised products such as shoes and hair products. Tell us more about this.

Amanda: Well veganism is a whole lifestyle change. So by going vegan, we cut out the use of animal products. For example, most people will know that vegans do not take any dairy products or any products that are from animals such as milk, cheese, eggs and maybe also even honey. Since veganism is a whole lifestyle change so it basically means we do not use any products that are from animals, for example, leather products, we also do not use products that have wool inside because there are industrial practices that are actually cruel to animals. So by being vegan, we actually choose to eliminate these cruelty practices as much as possible so we do not drive and promote the industry for these products.

Angela: It’s very interesting. So do you think it is possible to be 100% cruelty free?

Amanda: Cruelty has two forms like what I have mentioned. There’s the one we most commonly know, which is the animal form of cruelty. But there are also different forms of cruelty, for example, child labour in the developing countries. So for me, I would say it is not possible for the average consumer to be `100% cruelty free unless the consumer decides to put in a more conscious effort and be more mindful of the choices that they make in their daily lives and how it impacts on the environment. Then, in that way, by making a more conscious effort, it is and it may also be possible for the average consumer (to be cruelty free).

Angela: What are some small conscious steps where vegans can take to have a healthier lifestyle?

Amanda: Actually by being a vegan, you are already on a healthier lifestyle but maybe if you are a vegan and you’re taking more processed foods, for example mock meats, it may be a good idea to try to eliminate these stuff and go for a greener diet , maybe a raw food diet, eliminate more of cooked stuff from your diet go for raw food cuz it has more living energy.

Another small conscious effort that vegans can choose to take is by opting for products that are fair trade. By opting for fair trade products, it means your money is going towards people who are being paid fairly for what they have made or produced, rather than a cheap product that has been factory mass produced and it costs very cheap to make and therefore it makes it very cheap for us to buy it, but some child or some family out there may not be getting the amount of money they should get for the labour they provide. So by making a more conscious effort, by opting for more fair trade products, well it may be expensive but you opt for something that will not wear out so fast, like maybe your bags, your wallets, these kind of products where you can use for a period of time.
Angela: Yea it is important to pay people fairly so that they can be able to feed their families.

Angela: How about non-vegans? How can they opt for a healthier lifestyle?

Amanda: For non vegans, I would say one thing they can do is opt for more greens in their food instead of going for another diet that is meatish. Maybe they can opt for maybe one meal a week, choose to be vegetarian, opt for more greens, and let’s say ten people would opt for just one vegetarian meal a week, there’s a huge impact that you can make for the environment and also for their bodies. Because, usually, most people won’t opt for vegetables. ;)

Angela: Do you think organic meat or milk are good alternatives for people?

Amanda: Yes it’s definitely a healthier alternative. However, even in organic meat, ultimately the animals have to be slaughtered against their own will. And at the same time, if you’re talking about cow’s milk, the cows have to be pregnant for you to get the milk from there. After they give birth, they are re-impregnated again by the dairy industry to ensure they have a constant milk supply and I’m not sure how you will call a cow who have never grazed freely on the grass or frolicked about in the fields. I’m not sure how to decide if their milk is healthier because the dairy industry pumps a lot of hormones into their cows to get them to produce more milk than usual. So the usual lifespan of a cow is probably about ten years. However, around three to five years, the cow is just sent to be slaughtered because the body of the cow has already been wearied out and it can’t produce much milk as before.

Note from Angela: Organic meat or milk can be healthier than average meat or milk found in supermarkets as animals are not allowed to be fed antibiotics or bovine human growth hormone(rbGH).

Angela: Well organic meat or milk is a choice(or option for some people) and may or may not be necessarily cruel.

Angela: What advice would you give for people who dislike vegetables and tofu to include them in their diet?

Amanda: If you don’t like vegetables or tofu, you can start getting creative by sneaking some of these into your diet. ;) For example, let’s say you don’t like eating lotus root, you can mince the lotus root and put into a meat patty. And you can have it in your diet. But frankly speaking, once you have started on a cleaner diet, where you eat less meat and opt for more greens, your body will actually be cleansed and you won’t dislike the vegetables and tofu like before.

Angela: So the key is to get creative! ;)

Angela: Finally Christmas is around the corner. If you were to create a vegan Christmas basket, what will you include?

Amanda:Actually I don’t think I need to make a vegan gift basket…. I know there is a Stephen James hamper which has come up for Christmas. So for $50, you can actually get Pili nuts. These are really good to go with wine. They have won an award. These nuts are actually raw, dehydrated, and pre-sprouted. So they are filled with the highest amount of living energy. And they really go well with wine. So if you opt for a celebration, you can have vegan wine, and have some Pili nuts together.

Angela: Wow, sounds like a great idea! And you get the essential nutrients at the same time too!

Angela: What advice would you give for someone on a low budget to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Amanda: if the person is on a low budget, I would suggest cooking at home. If the person is on low budget and has no time to cook, an option would be to go to vegetarian stalls that are out there and opting for greens. Opt for brown rice. Then opt for things that are vegetables rather than mock meat and sometimes, there may be a lot of vegetables but there might also be a lot of oil as well. So it may be good to mention to the server to take the vegetables from the top so that the oil is minimised as much as possible. And just to add, opt for stalls that do not put MSG inside their foods.

Angela: Well we’ve come to the end of this interview. Hope you learnt a thing or two about how veganism can go beyond food and become a whole new lifestyle :)

- See more at: http://www.vegeasian.com/2013/12/18/what-its-like-to-be-vegan-in-singapore-part-four-of-a-four-part-interview-series/

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